Hitman Developer IO Interactive Confirms a New Game is in the Works

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IO Interactive has been largely known for the Hitman series. But today, the studio announced a publishing agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for a new game, indicating more could be on the horizon for this team as it expands to more studios and potentially new IP.

The press release (via BusinessWire) doesn’t comment on what the game will be, other than for “console and PC.” Warner Bros. had previously worked with IO on the release of Hitman 2 and Hitman: Definitive Edition, as well as this year’s Hitman: HD Enhanced Collection.

But while IO is primarily known for its Hitman series following the studio’s split from Square Enix, recent interviews have indicated it might be expanding to new horizons. IO Interactive recently opened a new branch in Malmö, Sweden, and speaking to NoClip, CEO and co-owner Hakan Abrak says IO is looking into the future, including potentially new IPs.

Abrak also confirmed that a third Hitman is being looked into as well via NoClip’s documentary, so whether it’s a new franchise or some more Agent 47 contracts, things are looking bright for IO Interactive. Its reboot of the Hitman series has been pretty well-received, finding a perfect mix of deadly assassinations and somewhat-intentional physical comedy.

After a rough couple of years for IO after leaving Square Enix that included layoffs, it seems the studio is back on the upswing and ready to make more waves. Whatever is in store for IO Interactive next, we’re interested to see where this partnership can go.

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