Hopes for Skate 4 Just Took a Massive Blow [Update: EA’s Trademark is Active]

Update: VG247 reports that the other, active trademark for Skate was renewed in June 2019, meaning EA took action to keep the trademark for the series alive ahead of the lapse of the other filing in August. The original story continues below.

I probably find myself thinking about Electronic Arts’ Skate series at least once a week. Unfortunately, for the last few years the thought that pops into my head is usually along the lines of “we’re never getting a Skate 4, are we?” Today, news of an abandoned trademark filing for the series has Skate fans agonizing over the series all over again.

As spotted by GamesRadar, the same trademark for Skate that Electronics Arts re-filed for in early 2018 was abandoned on August 1 of this year. That re-filing helped fuel the fires of Skate 4 speculation, but aside from a cruel prank from Twitch at E3 2018, speculation is all fans have had.

Electronic Arts does still hold another trademark filing for Skate under a different category. The recently abandoned filing is listed in the “Electrical and scientific apparatus,” while the still registered one falls under “Education and entertainment.”

As Caty noted in her impressions of Session, creā-ture Studios’ Early Access skateboarding game carries on the Skate-vibe, and borders on being a skateboarding simulator. Other than Session though, we’ve gone years without a good big-budget skateboarding video game. Can you believe it’s already been four years since the dismal debut of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5?

For a long time now, it’s felt like no Skate news is ever good news. After all, series developer EA Black Box (later Quicklime Games) was shuttered in 2013, three years after the release of Skate 3.

Does the lapse of one trademark filing mean the Skate series is dead for good? Not necessarily, but it certainly doesn’t feel good. Folks on Twitter probably won’t stop calling for Skate 4 any time soon, but a lone active trademark doesn’t inspire much hope.

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