How to enable celebrity voices on your Echo

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Amazon announced at its Fall 2019 event that it would soon be enabling celebrity voices on Alexa for purchase, starting with Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson. If you want to shake up how you interact with your Echo device, consider purchasing and enabling the Alexa Skill now while it’s on sale!

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How to enable a celebrity voice on your Echo

  1. Type in Samuel L. Jackson – celebrity voice for Alexa into your search engine of choice (alternatively, you can search for The Tonight Show Alexa Skill if that is more your jam).

    Source: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central
  2. This should pull up the Alexa Skill on as your first result. Click on this search result.
  3. If you haven’t already, log in to your Amazon account.
  4. Click on the yellow ‘Buy now with 1-Click*’ button. This Alexa Skill is just $1 during its introductory period, but the price will go up to $5 in the near future.

    Source: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central
  5. Now you’re ready to start jawing back and forth with Sam!

Note that you can also search for this skill in the Alexa app on your phone just as you would for any other Alexa Skill.

Among the banter you can engage in with Sam, you can have him wake you up with an alarm, sing you Happy Birthday, or tell you where he is from. The celebrity voice skills don’t have full Alexa functionality though, so don’t expect Sam to be able to set reminders or add items to your to-do list for you (he’d probably scoff at that anyway!).

There are also more family-friendly (and often free) alternatives, like this one from The Tonight Show that allows you to ask Alexa to have Jimmy Fallon tell a joke or read his monologue. I would expect this Samuel L. Jackson official Alexa Skill to be the first of many from Amazon, but I can’t quite guess who will be next.

Who would you like to hear from your Echo? Ellen DeGeneres? James Earl Jones? Christopher Walken? Betty White?

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Have Samuel L. Jackson as the voice for Amazon Alexa

Samuel L. Jackson is now available as a Celebrity Voice for the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Now, you’ll hear Sam’s voice when you ask about the weather, set a timer, ask to hear jokes, and more. You can also turn explicit language on or off easily.

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