How to Play The Outer Worlds For $5, And Get a Chalupa in the Process

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We’re entering that time of year where it feels like new games won’t stop coming, and paying full price for each title gets to be a little much. Now with releases like, say, The Outer Worlds, there’s also the option of playing at launch through a subscription service. But what if you’ve already used that $1 introductory month on Xbox Game Pass and you’re really, really hungry? Well, a Microsoft promotion can get you some free days of Game Pass Ultimate if you’re down to order $5 of Taco Bell over the internet.

The promotion, spotted by users at ResetEra, is part of a larger giveaway event for special Xbox One X consoles and the new Elite 2 controller. If you go to a Taco Bell in person and order a Double Chalupa Box, then huzzah: you’ll get a code to enter the giveaway with your double chalupa, a taco, cinnamon twists, and a medium drink (plus, if your stomach ain’t what it used to be, a case of indigestion). If the free Game Pass time is what you’re after, you’ll need to make your order online.

After ordering either a $5 Double Chalupa Box or a $5 Grande Nachos Box on the Taco Bell website or through Taco Bell’s mobile apps—hey, no judgement—you’ll be emailed a code for 14 free days of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Once you redeem the code, you may get a prompt offering an additional free month if you turn on auto renewal for billing. Accept it and you’ll get 44 free days total. Just don’t forget to cancel your subscription after you get the free month if you’re not trying to stay on Game Pass.

The Outer Worlds launches on October 25 and the Taco Bell promotion ends on November 23. That gives you plenty of time to experience Obsidian’s worlds run by megacorporations… while stuffing your face with food made by a real-life terrestrial megacorporation.

Also, if you get that additional free month, you can probably take a good bite out of the whole Game Pass catalogue. Dishonored 2 and Yooka-Laylee just joined the pack earlier this month—for more, check out USG’s Xbox Game Pass list.

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