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“I Wanna Be Like You”‘ Quiz

Query #1

Full the lyrics: “Now I am the king of the swingers. Oh, the jungle VIP. I’ve reached the highest and had _____ _____.”

Query #2

Full the lyrics: “And that is what’s botherin’ me. I wanna be a person, mancub, and stroll proper into _____ and be identical to the opposite ______.”

Query #3

These lyrics are right: “I am uninterested in monkeyin’ round!”

Query #4

Full the lyrics: “I wanna be such as you. I wanna stroll such as you, _____ such as you, too.”

Query #5

Full the lyrics: “You may see it is true. An _____ like me can be taught to be human too.”

Query #6

Full the lyrics: “Now here is your a part of the deal, Cuz, lay the key on me of man’s crimson ______.”

Query #7

Full the lyrics: “Now do not attempt to child me, mancub. I made a take care of you. What I need is man’s crimson ______ to make my ______ come true.”

Query #8

Full the lyrics: “Give me the key, mancub. Clue me on what to do. Give me the facility of man’s crimson flower so I could be _____ ______.”

Query #9

These lyrics are right: “Somebody like you possibly can be taught to be like somebody like me!”

Query #10

What Disney film options this music?

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