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alright time for another patreon
question this one comes from John
Michell he asks I know you have a
massive game collection I wanted to know
what you do to protect your games from
theft fire and natural disasters so this
is a really good question because I do
get asked this on awful lot because as
you can see I do have a fairly large
game collection I have a little over
7,000 games and some around 50 or 55
different systems and you know it’s a
definitely a concern and so in this
video I’m going to talk about the
solutions that I use talk about the
technology as well as the insurance but
before I do that I do want to do a
disclaimer because I don’t want somebody
being very upset if they follow my
advice and something bad were to happen
to them so you know watch this video for
informational purposes only but this
solution is my own first step let’s talk
about home security cameras and home
security systems now in my game room I
actually employ two different systems
and the reason why I do that is because
if one failed to the other one can take
over and they use slightly different
technology now full disclosure I’m not
going to tell you the exact brand and
model that I use because that would not
be smart I don’t want people to know
exactly what I have in my game room here
but I’ll tell you the thinking behind it
the thing that I really was impressed
with some of the new technology that’s
out there today is that those home
security cameras can follow your
smartphone and they do it in really
interesting ways because basically when
I’m down here in the game room it knows
my geographic location at all times and
so the security level actually is less
I don’t need it necessarily to monitor
every single thing while I’m home
however the moment that I get in my car
or I step out into the street go to a
cafe go on vacation the security level
automatically rises to the maximum and
it does some really cool stuff you would
expect it to capture all the footage in
HD which it does it also has night
vision which is nice so I don’t have to
leave the lights on it works at night
it’s also got motion sensors on there
it also has some really interesting
features too because
it also measures the air quality that’s
kind of neat because if there was ever a
fire down here well my phone would get
an alert pretty awesome right also the
same thing for humidity levels so for
instance I’m in a basement if the water
main broke and it started to flood down
here the humidity levels would rise and
it would also detect that another thing
that it does is that it is it’s able to
capture video again in HD and store it
on the web and also locally so it’s a
pretty full-featured security system and
I’m pretty happy with it
the next thing I want to mention is get
to know your neighbors I am surprised
how many people don’t follow this advice
in our neighborhood I know when our
neighbor has gone on vacation as a
matter of fact this week my neighbor is
on vacation and I’m watering her flowers
but more importantly if someone was to
haul out her television or all of her
stuff I would call the cops
I mean I know her schedule and that’s
very handy also if a FedEx truck were to
show up and drop off a package again I
know she’s not there so I can run across
the street grab the package texture let
her know that I have it and you know
it’s just it’s part of peace of mind and
again it’s something that I think some
people kind of forget about the next
thing I want to mention our pets
specifically dogs now dogs have been our
companions and our protectors for
hundreds if not thousands of years and
they are perfect for home defense I mean
I pity the person who tries to crawl in
one of our windows in the middle of the
night because we used to have one dog
now we have two and they are on high
alert there would be chaos if that were
to happen and so something to consider I
mean pets are awesome anyways and having
them watching your back is awesome now
let’s talk insurance now I’m a big fan
of insurance and the peace of mind that
it can bring you see I put a lot of time
energy and money into building my game
collection here and I like the idea that
if something were to happen to it I can
replace most if not all of it now the
thing about insurance is that it can be
kind of complicated and vary depending
on the country that you live in
in the state that you live in and also
the company that you work with me
personally I know our insurance agent
I’ve talked to him for quite a while on
the phone so he understands exactly what
I’m trying to do here what the price

looking for and also the deductible
these are all very important things to
consider but it goes beyond that for
instance with the company that I use
they offer two different types of
insurance there’s personal item
insurance and then there’s the the
insurance that you get for all of your
personal possessions within your house
now originally when I talk to most like
well let’s just get a bid for the actual
game room itself which basically would
be the personal item that’s for people
who like let’s say you have an antique
gun collection or maybe you just have
family jewelry that you want a specific
policy for my agent told me that it’s
really common for people to travel and
they take a lot of really expensive tech
with them like say an expensive laptop
or maybe a smartphone you know cameras
and microphones they’ll get specific
policies for that that way if something
were to happen to it it doesn’t get
applied to their entire home policy so I
originally reached out and I was like
okay let’s do that for my game room
however it’s really funny they don’t
support a game collection and at first I
was like what I mean game collecting is
a thing you know people collect stamps
and all sorts of little figurines and
stuff but for whatever reason they don’t
cover a game room you know in it’s
separate policy I got to thinking about
it was like well maybe that makes sense
because there’s probably not a lot of
people out there that have really large
game collections that they get a
specific policy for so what we ended up
going with is a total personal property
package of the entire inside of my home
so what that means is that yes my game
room is covered my guitars are covered
my vinyl my furniture my silverware the
beds every base everything that’s not
nailed down is covered by our policy and
more specifically also to the amount is
to cover the game room so base
you know you just work in the price and
you come up with something that you can
live with and again overall actually
it’s not that expensive what do you do
if you have to file a claim what if
there’s a fire a flood or heaven forbid
that somebody breaks in this fields a
bunch of your games well I talked to my
agent for quite a while about this and
cataloging your software and your games
is the very minimum step and I actually
did a video on all the different
solutions out there
me personally I actually use a program
called delicious library now it’s Mac
only but I love it because it works with
barcodes you basically can scan the
barcode and it just inputs it into the
software it outputs it to a Dropbox and
you can view it on your phone no matter
where you are it’s a great solution but
it’s not the only one so I’ll link to it
to that video where I talk about this
in the upper corner here and then I
mentioned that I do YouTube and he’s
like great because the best way to
catalogue anything that you want to
potentially get a claim on is to do
video and so lucky for me actually
having the YouTube channel and doing
game room tours is the best way to
document and catalog exactly what you
have because he had a really good point
you know people can fudge or make up a
spreadsheet now hopefully people don’t
do that but it’s very difficult to fake
a video and especially when it’s in the
space that is already covered by your
policy so he was very happy to hear that
and I was very happy to hear that –
because game room tours are fun and
there’s the proof so is when I mentioned
that as a as a nice little tip I hope
you found this video informative and
interesting I get asked this all the
time because people are so curious about
it and like I mentioned there’s not one
real solution to this it’s going to
depend on where you live and what
company you use so if you have a
solution I’d love to hear about it down
in the comments below
great question thank you this question
was asked by one of my patreon
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