Intel announces the first 7nm Xe GPU using the “greatest technology all in one place”

Intel has announced its first data centre Intel Xe GPU: Ponte Vecchio. Announced at the Supercompute ‘19 conference, the 7nm GPU is the first officially named Xe graphics part from the company and will be launching in 2021 as a part of the Aurora Supercomputer for the US Department of Energy and Argonne National Laboratory.

Announced by Raja Koduri, (inhale) Intel chief architecture and GM of architecture, graphics, and software during the HPC conference in Denver, the Ponte Vecchio GPU is the first “microarchitecture” under the Intel Xe umbrella that we’ve heard official word about, despite it launching the year following Intel’s 10nm yet-unnamed GPU in 2020.

Intel’s utilising a single architecture and single API with its forthcoming discrete graphics card tech. That means the underlying tech powering its data centre GPUs – such as the Ponte Vecchio HPC-optimised GPU announced at Supercompute – will also be one and the same as those intended for our gaming PCs. Albeit with some features and functionality enabled/disabled here or there.

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