Intel Xe GPUs come in three flavours, from gaming to supercomputing

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Intel has announced three microarchitectures under the Intel Xe graphics umbrella: Xe-LP, Xe-HP, and Xe-HPC. At the top Xe-HPC, the supercomputer-class GPU fit for the Aurora supercomputer – but it’s the two GPU microarchitectures below, Xe-LP and Xe-HP, that will be of most interest to PC gamers.

Over at DevCon, Intel announced the three sub-tiers of its Xe architecture – ranging from integrated and entry-level graphics cards to supercomputer silicon. It’s all technically the same GPU architecture, but Intel intends on divvying up the functionality and features across the entire product stack.

Most of the Xe information disclosed by Intel at DevCon expands on what we know about Intel’s Ponte Vecchio GPU. Intel intends on using Xe Link, based on the standards laid out by the CXL consortium (whose members include AMD and Nvidia), to scale its 7nm Xe GPU up to exascale performance. Today, Intel is touting an architecture capable of scaling to “thousands of execution units.”

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