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Introducing Dicebreaker: Gamer Network’s New Website Devoted to All Things Tabletop Gaming

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Today’s a special day for USgamer and our fellow websites in the Gamer Network family—we’re celebrating the launch of a new sibling! Dicebreaker, a new site for all things tabletop gaming, is finally here. We strongly encourage you to update your family tree of gaming websites accordingly, and remember: Dicebreaker is a dot com, and we’re a dot net. Don’t get it twisted!

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Dicebreaker, as they launched their YouTube channel a few months ago. On it, you can see the full range of their tabletop love and knowledge: Dicebreaker covers everything from pen and paper RPGs, to Magic: The Gathering, to miniature wargames. They even have recommendations for dexterity games that’ll have your old Jenga tower collecting dust.

On Dicebreaker’s YouTube channel you’ll find reviews, explainers, Let’s Plays, and even a fair share of videos where you can watch the crew paint minis. If you’ve been meaning to give tabletop gaming a try, maybe Johnny Chiodini’s guide to picking the right pen and paper RPG will be up your alley:

Or, if you’re well-versed in tabletop and love games that ask players to be really, really performative, you might fall in love with Reverse BeastMaster. Dicebreaker did a whole Let’s Play with its creators, Grant Howitt and Rock Paper Shotgun reviews editor Nate Crowley (full disclosure, that’s another site in our sprawling family):

Please join us all in giving Matt, Alex, Johnny, Michael, Sara and Alex a warm welcome over at Dicebreaker’s shiny new website. If you feel so inclined, maybe hit subscribe on their YouTube channel while you’re at it. They’re also on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch—so pick whichever digital destinations suit your analog gaming needs best.

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