Ion Fury Patch 1.02 Brings Steam Achievements, Borderless Mode, And More

Patch 1.02 for retro first-person shooter Ion Fury is now out. The patch brings a bevy of improvements, fixes, and new features to the game. The devs say they packed so much into this patch that “patch 1.01 (boxed copies) simply wasn’t enough for this release”.

First up, the game now has Steam achievements. When you boot up Ion Fury after applying patch 1.02, it’ll automatically scan your save file from version 1.0. Any achievement for which you’ve already fulfilled the criteria will be retrospectively unlocked for you. If you want to start from scratch, don’t worry. There’s also an option to clear all of your stats and unlocked achievements. This option works for both the in-game tracker and Steam.

The new patch also adds a borderless windowed mode option to Ion Fury, along with a number of other gameplay improvements. Some of the highlights include a reworked crouch toggle function, boosted enemy visibility in dark environments, and a rework of both firing modes for the Clusterpuck weapon. There’s way too much for us to list here, so if you’re interested in what’s going on in Ion Fury land, make sure you check out the full patch notes. You’ll also find a full list of bug fixes in patch 1.02 on that list. Last but not least, the game’s currently 10% off on Steam to celebrate the patch’s release.

Ion Fury (formerly known as Ion Maiden) is a retro-style 3D first-person shooter. The devs created the game using a modified version of the old-school Build engine. You might recognize the engine’s name from games like Duke Nukem 3D and Blood, among others. The game is a prequel to 2016’s Bombshell. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have played that game to understand what’s going on here. You can check out TechRaptor’s review of Ion Fury right here (spoilers: we loved it).

Will you be picking up Ion Fury in the sale? Are you diving back in after the achievement patch? Let us know in the comments below!

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