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“It will be The End!” Credit: FortTory

“It will be The End!”

Credit: FortTory

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25 Thoughts to ““It will be The End!” Credit: FortTory”

  1. They should’ve had Bill Cosby to narrate that

  2. Sonny Tupuola it’s been a rough ride but I guess it had to end someday 😥

  3. What is this group 935? Okay maxis lol

  4. if this is the end i will cry like literally

  5. Hopefully we get something really different

  6. They jus sold us Batman it’s not the end

  7. Whoever bought the Game Doesn’t Have To Buy it Again

  8. So if they contain zero point nothing will happen

  9. This is not the end they’re coming out with season 11

  10. No one narrated it. The recordings are part of the game. Ya someone edited the video but the voice tracks are actually part of the game lol

  11. Just go watch an Ali a video fuck sake 😂all jokes aside season 11 better bring back siphon 🙏🏼#3rdparties2bepickaxd

  12. People have way too much time on their hands

  13. If this is the end , epic better pay up .

  14. I spend to much money for this to be the end i better have it all. Back in my account if does end tho!

  15. They should have revamped the map over a year ago. It’s been the exact same with minimal changes

  16. Gunna miss everything that happened these last 10 seasons

  17. Fortnite is not ending, they are making way too much off of us😂😂

  18. If they end the game, I want all my money back 😂

  19. Cuz that was different 😑it’s part of the story like every season have a story 😱

  20. If they close the game down It is what it is but Iv spend hundreds on this game 😂😂

  21. If you buy save the world the pop up of bets is gone so i dont know what to expect

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