Jabra Elite 75t vs. Elite 65t: Should you upgrade?

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The Jabra Elite 75t are nearly perfect. They feature great and customizable sound, long battery life, USB-C for charging, and are super comfortable. Unfortunately, you can’t use the left earbud independently, and there’s no wireless charging case or active noise cancelation.

$180 at Amazon


  • Great battery life
  • Excellent sound quality, albeit with boosted bass
  • USB-C for charging
  • Super comfortable


  • Only right earbud works independently
  • No wireless charging case

While its not as good as the Jabra Elite 75t, the Elite 65t are a solid choice, especially on a budget. They feature excellent sound and passive isolation, decent battery life, and solid comfort. It’s biggest downside is charging over Micro-USB.

$100 at Amazon


  • Good battery life
  • Decent sized charging case
  • Great, treble-heavy sound
  • Super comfortable


  • Micro-USB for charging
  • No wireless charging case
  • Audio and video can often be out of sync
  • Only right earbud works independently

You’d think it’s a natural choice: you should get the Elite 75t because they’re newer. While this is true, along with excellent improvements such as longer battery life, USB-C for charging, improved sound, and better comfort, the Elite 65t still holds their ground.

Subtle improvements

Jabra Elite 75t

Source: Daniel Bader / Android Central

One important change Jabra made to the Elite 75t over the Elite 65t was earbud stability. The Elite 65t had an issue where the earbud would constantly fall out and fail to seal your ears, especially if you had larger ears. Fortunately, Jabra resolved this with the Elite 75t, and they’re one of the most comfortable and lightweight true wireless earbuds around. The Elite 75t also added magnets to the case, allowing the buds to stay in the case much more reliably. The Elite 65t had no magnets in the case, which made it difficult to place back in the case and extremely easy for the buds to accidentally fall out.

One important change Jabra made to the Elite 75t over the Elite 65t was earbud stability.

The most welcome change between the two is the introduction of USB-C on the Elite 75t over Micro-USB on the Elite 65t. While neither earbuds support wireless charging, adding USB-C will make charging slightly less annoying, especially when traveling.

In terms of battery life, the Elite 75t get up to 7.5 hours of listening time on a single charge, while the Elite 65t only got five hours. With their included charging cases, the Elite 75t achieves an additional 20.5 hours of audio playback. This is a vast improvement over the 10 hours from the Elite 65t. Both charging cases are relatively small, and you won’t have any issues fitting them in most pockets, purses, or backpacks.

Comfort on both earbuds is fantastic overall. The Elite 75t has a slightly better fit, making them more stable and less likely to fall out. You probably won’t feel any discomfort or fatiguing with either earbud, even after longer listening sessions. Both earbuds come with multiple ear tip sizes in the box to help with fit.

Jabra Elite 75t Jabra Elite 65t
Battery Life (Buds) 7.5 hours 5 hours
Battery Life (Case) 20.5 hours 10 hours
HearThrough (Ambient Sound Mode) Yes Yes
Charging connector USB-C Micro-USB
Active Noise Cancelation No No
Wireless charging No No
Price $180 $100

Jabra Elite 65t

Source: Daniel Bader / Android Central

In terms of sound quality, both earbuds sound decently great, especially out of the box. The Elite 65t feature a recessed low- and mid-bass, while having a slightly overemphasized upper-bass and low-mids. The mid- and upper-mids, as well as the low-treble, are neutral and flat, while the mid-treble is boosted. This means you’ll get a less detailed but more boomy bass, and a brighter sound overall that can sometimes make female vocals and instruments such as hi-hats from drums sound fatiguing or piercing to the ear.

In terms of sound quality, both earbuds sound decently great, especially out of the box.

Meanwhile, the Elite 75t take the opposite approach with an overall boosted low- and mid-bass and an overall recessed mid and treble, giving them a darker and warmer sound signature. This equates to a more detailed bass that has less rumble and thump to it. But due to the boosted bass, the midrange and treble takes a backseat, creating a muddying effect where bass guitars, kick drums, and similar instruments completely overpower the rest of the frequencies. Imagine putting a pillow over your ears while listening to music through speakers.

Fortunately, the sound signature on both earbuds can be customized through Jabra’s companion smartphone app with a relatively basic five-band equalizer. Dynamic range is excellent on both earbuds, and soundstage is more extensive than most other true wireless earbuds.

Both earbuds also feature HearThrough, which is Jabra’s version of an ambient sound mode. This allows you to hear the environment around you without removing the earbuds entirely. It sounds great on the Elite 75t, although a bit artificial, and definitely doesn’t sound as good as the AirPods Pro’s ambient sound mode, which features the most natural-sounding ambient sound mode we’ve heard to date.

The biggest downside for both the Elite 65t and Elite 75t is that neither of them allow you to use the left earbud independently. This is because one earbud handles the Bluetooth connection, pairing, and audio sync, while the other earbud simply just receives whatever the initial earbud is sending. In essence, this means that if you lose your right earbud, the left one is virtually worthless until you find the right earbud.

Should you upgrade?

The Elite 65t aren’t lousy earbuds. If you don’t mind Micro-USB for charging and being a little more careful when taking them in or out of the charging case, the Elite 65t are still a solid choice. However, the biggest reason to make the jump is battery life. The Elite 75t get an additional 2.5 hours on the earbud side, and an extra 10.5 hours with the charging case compared to the Elite 65t. So, if you find that your Elite 65t is continually dying, the Elite 75t will be a welcome upgrade.

Otherwise, you should definitely hold on to your current Elite 65t. They’re still a really good pair of truly wireless earbuds, even in 2019.

Great upgrade

Jabra Elite 75t

A substantial improvement over the Elite 65t

If you don’t care for ANC or wireless charging, the Elite 75t are easily the best true wireless earbuds around. They feature exceptional sound, comfort, and battery life, all for a reasonable price.

Superb earbud

Jabra Elite 65t

You don’t always need the latest and greatest

The Jabra Elite 65t are still a solid choice, despite the Elite 75t being out. They still sound great, have decent battery life, and are super comfy.

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