Joan of Arc Legendary Dragon Giveaway

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To celebrate the launch of our Time of Legends Joan of Arc Narrative Battle Series, Mythic Games have kindly given us a Legendary Dragon Box Set to give away to our readers.

Joan of Arc is a narrative wargame in Legendary scale. It features historical battles between the English and the French, as well as myths and legends of the time. It comes out of a very successful Kickstarter and later this year, Mythic Games are launching another Kickstarter, Joan of Arc 1.5 which will be followed by a retail release for Joan of Arc.

Our Narrative Battle Series will follow our exploits, and battles, as we follow through some of the scenarios available between the huge amount of content available.

The Legendary Dragon set includes a huge Dragon miniature, as well as the Archangel Saint Michael and a Bombard to even the scales in battle. The set also comes with a scenario for a fierce battle between the Dragon and St Michael, and you can see how we got on with our game in our article here.

You can see in the gallery above, our Legendary Dragon painted by our Tabletop Editor, Travis. The copy in the competition is a sealed box, with all the contents. The miniature you could win is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

If you don’t own Joan of Arc, the Dragon is still an incredible miniature to own. If you do own Joan of Arc, but not the Legendary Dragon, now’s your chance to get hold of it. And if you already own Joan of Arc and a Dragon, well, you can never have too many Dragons.

time of legends joan of arc part 1 15

The full deployment for our St Michael vs the Dragon scenario.

In order to be in with a chance of winning this copy, log in below and complete some social actions. The competition closes on August 22 at 11:59 AM EDT and winners will be announced shortly after.

Joan of Arc Legendary Dragon Giveaway

We would like to thank Mythic Games for providing the copy for us to give away, and for all their support to our tabletop coverage so far. We would also like to offer our thanks to you all for reading and supporting TechRaptor. We hope we’ll see you across the tabletop one day.

Giveaway Rules: No purchase necessary. Likes, Subscribes and Follows count as one entry each, and tweeting is worth one entry once a day. In order to enter, an email must be entered. Your Email will not be used for anything but entrance into the giveaway. Winners will be contacted via the same entry that was used to win (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Email) using a random number generator to determine said winners. TechRaptor reserves the right to pull entries that are seen as exploitative (using multiple accounts, etc.) in order to give the best chances to all participants.

Adam Potts

Associate Tabletop Editor

Adam is the Associate Tabletop Editor for TechRaptor. He’s been involved in the video game and board game industry since 1997, from managing communities to flavour text writing for CCGs and game development and design and has played physical and digital card games at a high competitive level.

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