Just Dance 2020 Boogies Its Way to Being the Wii’s Swan Song

The Nintendo Wii launched in 2006, and with it, a wave of Wii Sports games and millions of consoles shipped out to homes across the world. Now, in 2019, the Wii is getting one last swan song: Just Dance.

Just Dance 2020 launched today for many platforms, from PlayStation and Xbox to even Nintendo’s modern console, the Switch. But Just Dance 2020 is also being published for the Nintendo Wii, likely making it the last game for the console, precluding any Just Dance 2021 announcements.

When asked about publishing Just Dance 2020 on the Nintendo Wii in the year 2019, Ubisoft’s EMEA executive director Alain Corre said he thought Ubisoft is “the last soldier standing” on the Wii.

“We are the last game on the Wii and we are happy about that, as there are still a lot of fans wanting to play on it,” Corre told The Telegraph.

Around E3 2019, Ubisoft denied claims that Just Dance 2020’s appearance on the platform was due to Wii consoles being used for physical therapy. “Just Dance 2020 is coming to the Wii because our audience wants it,” an Ubisoft representative told Polygon.

While the Wii is long gone and the Switch seems poised to take its spot atop the Nintendo console pedestal, it’s interesting that there are apparently enough Wii consoles still in use that Ubisoft finds a Just Dance port for the platform worthwhile. Especially with the Wii Shop channel closing at the end of the year, it seems like a tight window for anyone still holding onto their Wii for the classic Just Dance experience to get their 2020 copy.

It was, however, a revolutionary console, one that former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé says was Nintendo’s response to a stagnant gaming market. It brought Wii Sports into homes and gyro controls to Resident Evil, and sold a ton in the process. All things considered, Just Dance seems like a fitting game to turn off the lights and lock the doors on Nintendo’s motion-focused console.

Correction, 11/5, 5 p.m. ET: We misattributed the Nintendo Wii’s launch year. We regret the error.

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