Kairi Joins the Battle in Kingdom Hearts 3’s Re Mind DLC, Out Next Month

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Nearly one year after Kingdom Hearts 3 released, like actually released, the Disney and Square Enix JRPG will be getting its first big DLC, Re Mind. A new unlisted trailer posted to the Kingdom Hearts YouTube account shows the DLC in detail, its first trailer since E3 earlier this year, and reveals its release date: January 23, 2020 for PlayStation 4, and February 25, 2020 for Xbox One.

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers to follow regarding the end of Kingdom Hearts 3.

The trailer itself starts off with a bombshell: Leon (Squall), Aerith, and Yuffie talking to Riku at the familiar grounds of Radiant Garden, once known as Hollow Bastion in the first Kingdom Hearts. (The Final Fantasy characters that have appeared in past Kingdom Hearts games were unexpectedly absent from Kingdom Hearts 3, so their appearance here is a pleasant surprise.) They’re talking about Sora, who they’ve been searching for since his sacrifice to save Kairi at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3.

The ending, before the post-credits sequence reveals that Sora didn’t really die, was an affecting finale that felt like a complete arc for the eternally selfless Keyblade wielder, but nonetheless, Re Mind is looking to be an epilogue of sorts for Kingdom Hearts 3’s adventure, and set up what we can expect next.

The trailer also teases a whole lot of boss battles where you’re playing as Riku, Aqua, Roxas, and even Kairi, who despite training to be a Keyblade Master, barely got any time to show off her skill in Kingdom Hearts 3. You also get to play as Sora again, of course. A brief gameplay sequence shows him grinding on a light rail, similar to how he did across Kingdom Hearts 3’s worlds. Only here, we see he’s in Scala ad Caelum—which perhaps you remember as that really beautiful final world where Sora has his final battle with Master Xehanort. We don’t see much else of the world outside of this glimpse, but if Re Mind makes it a fully-explorable place like the Disney worlds and not just a shiny battle arena with plot significance, that’d be great.

Earlier this month at a Kingdom Hearts fan concert in Osaka, Square Enix announced additional details about the upcoming Re Mind DLC. The DLC will include a more robust photo mode and new difficulty options, so the new content won’t just be in the form of what looks like a narrative-heavy boss rush. Kingdom Hearts 3 released last January, and at the time of its release, we liked it quite a bit. We’ll definitely be checking out its DLC come January 2020.

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