Kerbals Will “Increase Their Population” in Kerbal Space Program 2

New information has come to light about Kerbal Space Program 2, and it is curious. The titular Kerbals will have sex.

Star Theory Games Creative Director Nate Simpson spoke in Edge magazine (issue 337) about the upcoming game. In one segment he discussed that while the player can fast-forward the action (as with the original game), the developers want players to avoid doing so by seeing the day to day lives of the Kerbals.

“As you achieve things in the games, Kerbals celebrate by… increasing their population, and that’s a great way of decoupling colony progression from time zoom, because a lot of time-based mechanics are completely undone by the zoom.”

The news is sure to spawn many sex and space related puns. In the words of Q in Moonraker: “I think he’s attempting re-entry!”

Kerbal Space Program 2 launches 2020 for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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