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Kids of Silentown Walkthrough – Chapter 3 (Tea)

Caught in Kids of Silentown? Try this information to learn how to search out the elements and resolve the jigsaw puzzle to make tea.

Kids of Silentown Walkthrough – Desk of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 (Ball, Saucepan, Firewood)
  2. Chapter 1 (Sausages, Salt)
  3. Chapter 1 (Alley)
  4. Chapter 2 (Heading Out)
  5. Chapter 2 (Mushrooms, Water, Sq.)
  6. Chapter 2 (Slingshot, Blue’s Ball)
  7. Chapter 2 (Bread)
  8. Chapter 2 (Barn, Veggies)
  9. Chapter 2 (Competition)
  10. Chapter 3 (Tea)
  11. (Extra elements coming quickly!)

Welcome to the Into Indie Video games information for Kids of Silentown! As Kids of Silentown is a point-and-click journey recreation, I strongly advocate exploring the world and getting a really feel for all the assorted gadgets and characters you’ll discover in it. Be aware that this can be a story-oriented information and doesn’t cowl stickers or achievements.

For extra data on Kids of Silentown, try the official web site right here.

Chapter 3 (Tea)

After we take management of Lucy in Chapter 3, our first objective is to make some tea for Olivia.

To make tea, we want the belief outdated saucepan once more first, which you’ll discover hanging on the wall to the correct of the entrance door, as earlier than. Choose it up. Use the saucepan with the bucket of water within the lower-right nook of the display screen to fill it up with water.

Children of Silentown

Lastly, we require some precise tea. Go to the cabinet positioned slightly below the steps going up. Study the cabinet to be confronted with a jigsaw puzzle.

Children of Silentown

This jigsaw puzzle takes a little bit of time given that you may rotate the items in addition to drag them into place. The jar to the correct has a little bit of its label intact, so I like to recommend beginning there. It additionally helps to concentrate to the colours – the gradience in color within the labels is on function.

Right here’s the finished puzzle to make your life a bit simpler.

After getting the saucepan with water and the tea leaves, put the saucepan on the fireside to get scorching water. Now mix the tea leaves with the new water to get some prompt tea. Give the tea to Olivia to finish your objective.

Head on to the subsequent a part of our walkthrough for Kids of Silentown! (Coming quickly!)



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