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King of Wasteland Releases on Nutaku as Free-to-Play

The zombie strategy game King of Wasteland is available now on Nutaku for mobile users on Android [NSFW]. It’s a free adult game inspired by Last Empire – War Z: Strategy, originally developed by Game Focus Network Limited. Now instead of just slaying hordes of zombies with others, there’s an adult side included.

King of Wasteland is our first title on the Nutaku platform,” said the Gamesphere developer. “Gamesphere is excited as our dream has finally come to fruition. Our development team spent countless hours to refine the plot, dialogs, and visual designs. We know our players are enjoying the game since the soft launch and we hope they continue to do so.”

King of Wasteland is a city-building RPG with a focus on allying with others to survive the zombie apocalypse. In doing so, players have the opportunity to seduce armies of warriors through various activities. There are over 20 different heroines and 50 captivated scenes. The real question is, are there adult scenes with zombies. We’re all wondering about it.

The city building elements of Last Empire – War Z: Strategy are still in King of Wasteland.

King of Wasteland Nutaku Summary

“One global back-end server is used to run this stunning strategy game with an end of the world theme. You’ll need to battle through incredibly challenging adventures, where survival is the only rule! You must tough out this doomsday catastrophe and find comfort in the arms of beautiful women. You will have to lead and control the beautiful heroines, command different teams of armed forces, fight off zombies, explore the post-apocalyptic world, compete for scarce resources, and learn to survive in desperate circumstances!”

For those that find the quality of some adult games not up to par, King of Wasteland is likely worth a try. Since it’s built around the ideas of an already well-known mobile game, it’s bound to have a strong foundation.

If you find time to try out King of Wasteland, be sure to let us know below what you think of it!

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