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Large Developments within the ORC License

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Subject: Large Developments within the ORC License  (Learn 3672 occasions)

What hive of scum and villainy are you seeing this at? At TPB the response to the morality clause appears to be a concern that WOTC will in some way get purchased out by NuTSR like of us and are available after the gays. I didn’t suppose there was a worse place for Wokeness than TBP, and even they’re getting some willies about that clause.

   I’ve caught some passing glimpses of the angle on Twitter.

Yep, on the twatter there’s a couple of 10% (I believe) of individuals which can be all for the morality clause and can name you a bigot for opossing it, even AFTER you clarify to them how it may be used towards their facet sooner or later.

Even on Youtube, a number of of the critics of WotC concerning the OGL say the clause is ok.

Hell even Tenkar stated in a current video that IF it was exact and concise and never obscure it could be “considerably palatable”.

I’m surprised that anybody could possibly be so naive, however particularly Tenkar since he had view how the pitchforks got here out for Frog God Video games.

Given the duplicity proven by Hasbro it wouldn’t shock me in the event that they attempt to rent out an astroturf crowd from a PR agency on one thing like Twitter. What’s a $100k to rent some faux followers/bots when Hasbro thinks they’ve billion$ at stake with killing OGL 1.0a?




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