Legend of Zelda 2019 Black Friday Deals – Toys, Games, Books, Accessories, and More

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No company has more beloved franchises than Nintendo, and The Legend of Zelda might be the most revered game series in its library. Nintendo fans look forward to new Zelda games like no other. Not even Mario games can generate Zelda-levels of excitement.

Nearly every Zelda game is a must-play, so it’s no wonder fans also love collecting Zelda toys, apparel, books, and other merchandise. The Zelda series is especially well-known for supplying fans with thick encyclopedias full of cool facts and trivia. We listed those in this gift guide, of course.

If you have a Zelda fan in your life, or if you just want to spoil yourself like a Goron in a sirloin rock mine, take a minute to thumb through the best deals we gathered up to share with you. Don’t worry; the Master Sword will sleep a bit longer while you shop. All prices are in USD.

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Great Black Friday Deals on Legend of Zelda Games

Without games, there’d be no Legend of Zelda series. If you want to get a buddy into Zelda (or if you want to fill out your own library, which is a noble goal), make sure to check these deals out.

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Hot Black Friday Deals on Legend of Zelda Toys

Sometimes when you say you’re going to “play The Legend of Zelda,” what you really mean is you’re going to fiddle with some Zelda toys. That’s a valid pastime, and we’d like to help speed you on your way.

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Awesome Black Friday Deals on Legend of Zelda Books, Board Games, and Accessories

The Zelda series has some amazing supplementary works, as well as very cool accessories. Black Friday marks the perfect time to fill out your shelves a bit, especially with thick volumes like The Hyrule Historia.

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