Lightsabers quickly to be faraway from ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’

Sure! Excellent news, everybody!

Lightsabers soon to be removed from ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’

The 'Star Wars' collaboration in 'Fortnite' is beginning to get outdated and off, and the sport developer will take away lightsabers within the subsequent replace.

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49 Thoughts to “Lightsabers quickly to be faraway from ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’”

  1. Thank God lol they r only good for mats…lol bye bye

  2. Thank god for that can’t wait for them to be removed

  3. Thank god for that way to op. Great for farming materials tho 👍👍

  4. Finally no more die for that only noob use that😅

  5. they are only good for farming materials for fights it’s too op and unbalanced

  6. They’re easier to beat than the brute there’s that 😂

  7. NO!!!! How am I supposed to get dubs now!?

  8. About time😂 my game lags so bad when people swing that shit at me

  9. Omg I just got so mad and turn it off bc of the lightsaber maybe it time to move on

  10. Dont worry, un pretty sure that the developer will add another breaking game dynamic, so everyone can be pissoff

  11. Just go buy the new star wars game if you wanna jack off over some lightsabers

  12. Give it a month an theyll be something else OP and unbalanced added…

  13. It was only a short time get over it people move to the next thing that should get vaulted

  14. Good… the most over powered weapon to date …glad their removing them

  15. they should have put a durability bar when you block with sabers

  16. Finally lol that’s the only reason I stopped playing fortnite. Haven’t played a match since Star Wars theme

  17. So you are telling us people can no longer have an advantage and cheat?

  18. They coulda done so much more the the star wars event lol they coulda made this the new BF2 just for a month lol

  19. Missed opportunity for it to be solely a pickaxe

  20. Thank Christ lol I’m so sick of people deadass just walking around blocking with a lightsaber and use it to push you

  21. SMG beats lightsaber so I have no problem with them

  22. Good. It was fun but I’ve lost too many 1st places now because of them

  23. Just put that shit in creative mode. They don’t need to be in regular modes. If they put them in creative then people can make pretty insane maps. Sadly they probably won’t like they didn’t with the Avengers items

  24. I wonder if they realize they lost a lot of players.. I understand they don’t need the money but they completely ruined one of the best games

  25. That’s good am happy am not play star wars fortnight am waiting for sonic the hedgehog collaboration

  26. They’re to over powered and items like these are ruining the game because if you manage to get one you’ve won the game! Annoyed me too much since being added

  27. I love the lightsabers! They should at least make a lightsaber pick ax to go with the Jedi skins.

  28. Why get rid of them they are actually good but they should make it into a game mode such as team rumble

  29. I cant wait for these to leave tbh because all other players do is block all damage done by any weapon. They were cool for the first week and then after that they just became annoying

  30. No I Need them so i can get easy eliminations kills on no thumbs timmy, lil bobby and lil billy. Then I’ll go into war with all the good players

  31. I enjoy them but I’m okay with them leaving. People need to learn to adapt to new things instead of complaining.

  32. Heaven fobid epic adds something to level the playing field against all you bob the builders.

  33. They were fun at first but after the first week they should’ve been in ltms only or flat out removed

  34. Great for farming to upgrade weapons though… 😏

  35. The most broken item in the game so far!!

  36. I’ve loved having lightsabers in the game but am relieved that they’re going…

    I only hope they release it as a skin for the pick axe 😅

  37. Can the freezing in the loading screen be fixed too?! Tired of having to reset the app EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  38. Lightsabers just proves how we need a balanced sword as a standard weapon not like the Infinity Sword. Not everyone could use a lightsaber effectively and to be honest they are more balanced than that dam snowball launcher. If you use the lightsaber too defensively you die if you where too aggressive you also die. At least your 999 mats dont disapear from a lightsaber compared to a full clip from a snowball launcher

  39. Thank god! Great for farming but shooting someone who can just wave around a lightsaber and deflect it only to have yourself be killed get really annoying after the first 5 times.

  40. Ill miss the sound of them the most maybe a saber as a pick axe ?? Same sounds ect but reduced strength to normal pick axe would be cool for the star wars skins 💕🤙

  41. Finally… They’re so nooby and just annoying they’re only good for faster harvesting, i want the snow to go too

  42. Thank god for that! They are beginning to wreck the game abit now.

  43. I will miss them they should leave them in Team Rumble 😭

  44. Thank God.
    If I hear a lightsaber near by i just leg it. Some people are way too good at blocking to take them down with a gun.

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