Little Town Hero Will Last 10 to 20 Hours, According to its Director

If you find yourself having less and less time to devote to sprawling RPGs, or if you find grinding through fodder enemies takes more and more out of you, you’ve got an ally in Game Freak’s Masao Taya. In a new interview, Taya talks about his ambitions with Little Town Hero and estimates it’ll be much shorter than a typical RPG, no matter your skill level.

Speaking with Nintendo Life, Taya says that Little Town Hero will take between 10 and 20 hours to complete depending on whether you click with its novel combat system. “For people who catch on to the battle system quickly, about 10-12 hours,” says Taya. “If it takes a little longer to understand the system, you’re looking closer to 15-20 hours.”

Since its reveal last year, we’ve known Game Freak was looking to make Little Town Hero stand apart from its other games. Like Pocket Card Jockey and Giga Wrecker, Little Town Hero is being developed under Game Freak’s Gear Project initiative. Since both Little Town Hero and Game Freak’s Pokemon titles—on which Taya has worked as a programmer—are turn-based RPGs, Little Town Hero is differentiating itself by focusing on combat innovation than by crafting a massive world.

“I haven’t really been playing turn-based RPGs other than Pokemon as of late,” Taya tells Nintendo Life. “RPGs are really time-consuming, and with how big the maps are, you can easily get lost and stuck in areas where you only get to battle weak opponents.”

“We’ve been careful not to prepare maps that are infinitely huge, or maps filled with opponents that can defeated just by spamming the attack button. Instead, we’ve aimed for an interesting battle system that really makes you consider how to go about defeating your enemy, each and every time.”

During last month’s Nintendo Direct, we got a better look at how environments factor into Little Town Hero’s combat, and learned that Undertale creator Toby Fox is responsible for most of its soundtrack. Little Town Hero comes out for the Nintendo Switch on October 16, and will cost $24.99 USD.

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