Luigi’s Mansion 3 DLC Adds The Plumber Brother’s Disco Phase

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If you’ve ever thought Luigi could stand to be a little bit groovier, then Nintendo seems to be on the same page. Nintendo has announced the first piece of paid DLC for Luigi’s Mansion 3, slated for release in 2020: a two-park pack that’ll add new costumes, ghosts, minigames, and floor themes to the multiplayer mode. Most importantly, you’ll be able to give Luigi a sky-high pompadour and some slick bell bottoms.

The two-part multiplayer DLC itself costs $9.99 USD and is available for pre-order now, but the first half of the pack is only guaranteed to launch by April 30, 2020. Part 2 will add yet-unannounced content and features to the ScreamPark and ScareScraper modes as well, and it’ll be out by July 31, 2020.

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Luigi’s new costumes—Luigi in disco attire, Luigi in a mummy wrap, and a Ghosts ‘n Goblins—esque Luigi in plate armor—are the centerpiece of the new content pack. It looks like each costume has its own corresponding floor theme in ScareScraper co-op, and it seems safe to assume that the six new themed ghosts on the way will be tailored to fit with the new themes as well.

The screenshots accompanying Nintendo’s announcement for the DLC only show the costumes in-action in the co-op ScareScraper mode, but hopefully they’ll work their way into the 8-player ScreamPark mode as well. Now that we know what Disco Luigi looks like, we’ve got to see Disco Gooigi.

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