We’ve a Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite in play and one other participant casts Triumphant Reckoning bringing again a 2/2 creature and an aura giving +1/+1. Can the creature now enter as a 3/3 and can it subsequently survive? I could not discover a solution to this wherever else.

Though Triumphant Reckoning explicitly forbids this interplay, Rise to Glory does enable a participant to return a creature then an aura, so the aura could possibly be hooked up to the creature.

In that case, the two/2 with an aura giving it +1/+1 would survive. The reason being that creatures with 0 toughness solely die when state primarily based actions are checked, which occurs after the cardboard has completed resolving. So although there was a 0/0 on the battlefield, it is nonetheless legitimate for the aura to enchant it.

You would additionally produce the identical interplay with Rise to Glory reanimating a Hangarback Walker and an All That Glitters.


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