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magic the gathering – Myrkul, Lord of Bones and Afterlife – will I get an Enchantment AND a Spirit Token?

Sure, you’re going to get the spirit token from afterlife in addition to the token copy of the creature.

Each talents (afterlife and Myrkul’s) are triggered talents that set off the identical occasion, particularly the creature has died.

603.1. Triggered talents have a set off situation and an impact. They’re written as “[When/Whenever/At] [trigger condition or event], [effect]. [Instructions (if any).]”

702.135a Afterlife is a triggered capability. “Afterlife N” means “When this everlasting is put right into a graveyard from the battlefield, create N 1/1 white and black Spirit creature tokens with flying.”

Myrkul has to exile the creature card it’s about to repeat, in any other case you get no copy. If, hypothetically talking, you managed to get 2 Myrkuls beneath your management on the identical time and one other creature died, each Myrkuls would set off, however just one might truly create a duplicate. The opposite would would fail to create a duplicate as a result of the cardboard it has to exile would already be exiled at that time.

Afterlife, nonetheless, doesn’t care about what occurs to the cardboard afterwards, solely the demise occasion is required. You’re going to get the spirit token(s) from afterlife and also can select to get an enchantment copy of the creature.



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