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magic the gathering – Trying to defend enchantment in Mono Black

No, mono-black has no good choices to guard enchantments in any format.

Black is generally about hand, graveyard, and creature interplay. Stopping spells and enters-the-battlefield results is principally not possible except you make the opponent discard these playing cards earlier than they solid them, which is simply a restricted type of safety. Black makes a speciality of returning creatures to the hand/battlefield, however returning different everlasting varieties is way rarer.

Defending enchantments particularly is notoriously troublesome in any shade. Blue could be the best choice, however solely as a result of generic management and disruption (counterspells). Indestructible is, with out very particular combos, largely restricted to creatures and artifacts, and safety much more so. One of the best choices to grant one thing hexproof are in inexperienced and white.



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