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magic the gathering – What occurs to a card exiled with Jacob Hauken, Inspector that’s returned handy?

Skills that consult with exiled playing cards like that solely have an effect on playing cards which are at present in exile that had been put there by one among that everlasting’s different skills.

First, I need to observe that the state of affairs in query doesn’t precisely work as described. Jacob Hauken’s potential exiles playing cards face down, which signifies that Rootcoil Creeper can not see that they’ve flashback and can’t work together with them. Nonetheless, if we substitute Jacob Hauken, Inspector with Kaho, Minamo Historian and Croaking Counterpart with Cackling Counterpart, Rootcoil Creeper can transfer the Cackling Counterpart to the hand as anticipated. For the remainder of the reply, I’ll work with these playing cards.

With that out of the best way, rule 400.7 says:

An object that strikes from one zone to a different turns into a brand new object with no reminiscence of, or relation to, its earlier existence.

That rule has exceptions, however none apply right here. When Rootcoil Creeper strikes the Cackling Counterpart into your hand, it’s a fully completely different object that not is related to Kaho in any approach. You may’t solid it utilizing Kaho potential, and that does not change should you solid it and it strikes again into exile.

As well as, the talents on Kaho, Minamo Historian are linked skills, lined by rule 607.2a:

If an object has an activated or triggered potential printed on it that instructs a participant to exile a number of playing cards and a capability printed on it that refers both to “the exiled playing cards” or to playing cards “exiled with [this object],” these skills are linked. The second potential refers solely to playing cards within the exile zone that had been put there on account of an instruction to exile them within the first potential.

Concerning your query about Evelyn, the Covetous, rule 122.2 says this:

Counters on an object should not retained if that object strikes from one zone to a different. The counters should not “eliminated”; they merely stop to exist. See rule 400.7.



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