Manifold Garden Launches This Friday After Seven Years of Development

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The surreal look of Manifold Garden will come to life after years of work. Developer William Chyr announced today that the perception-bending puzzle game will come to Apple Arcade and the Epic Games Store this Friday, Oct. 18.

Posted to Chyr’s Twitter, the announcement came with a release trailer for Manifold Garden, in case you didn’t recall its pretty noticeable look. It’s worth watching, because as nice as this game looks in stills, seeing it in motion takes it to another level.

The goal of Manifold Garden seems to be exploring the warping world around you, as various actions cause ripple effects throughout the titular garden. Trees bloom, water flows, and some eerie green energy seems to make things move. It’s very Myst-like in its mechanics, as each step lets you gradually uncover more of the world around you.

Chyr’s solo project has been around in some way for years, appearing at shows like the PlayStation Experience. Each time it’s been a striking thing to see; while many games have taken inspiration from classic first-person puzzlers, Manifold Garden’s use of both perspective and space has set it apart, and is incredible to watch unfold in real time. Chyr drew inspiration from the works of M.C. Escher, which helps explain the warping gravity and shifting views.

Manifold Garden’s been a game to keep your eye on for a while, so it’s nice to see it finally setting a launch date, and so soon at that. It’ll be headed to the Epic Games Store on PC, and for mobile users, it’ll join the growing list of games in Apple Arcade’s subscription library.

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