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Mario Kart Tour Giant Banana Challenge Guide


Brand-new challenges are here for the Tokyo Tour in Mario Kart Tour. New drivers were recently added, as well as solid old-school favorites like Donkey Kong. One thing, though, that’s been bugging players is the challenge regarding three giant bananas. 

Haven’t figured out how to use three giant bananas yet? Unlike many other challenges in the game, this one is entirely dependent on using a specific driver, so not everyone can complete it right away.

How to Complete the Giant Banana Challenge

If you couldn’t guess, you have to use either Donkey Kong or Morton as your driver to have any chance of pulling a giant banana.

If you don’t have one of those drivers yet, well, either pull out your wallet or get ready for a grind to earn rubies for more pipe pulls.

Whenever Morton or Donkey Kong is finally added to your roster, the highest chance to pull a giant banana from an item box is when driving in second or third place on any course.

Like any item-based challenge, you always want to use Donkey Kong on any track where he is the preferred driver, so you get three items per box rather than just one.

Obviously, that’s three times the likelihood you will randomly pull the giant banana. In the Tokyo Tour, that means playing these levels if you have Donkey Kong:

  • Dino Dino Jungle 
  • Rock Rock Mountain

Sadly, Morton currently has fewer favored courses, and he can only get three items per box in this track:

How to Drop 3 Banans at Once

Once you luck out and pull a giant banana, just tap up or down to drop three small bananas at once when another driver is close behind you (or strategically drop them near jumps and items that other racers will be driving near).

Keep in mind that if you pull a giant banana frenzy, you can complete the challenge immediately just by tapping the screen three times. Your chance of pulling a frenzy increases as you level up a driver, so spend some time grinding Donkey Kong or Morton experience for the quickest path to finishing the challenge.

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