Media Molecule’s Dreams Comes to Life Early Next Year

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Just a few days ago, Media Molecule ended early access sales for Dreams, its powerful creation suite that allows players to make games, movies, and all sorts of other art on PlayStation 4. The studio promised we’d hear more on the full release soon, and now we’ve got a release date: Dreams is coming on February 14, 2020.

Sony announced the release date during its last State of Play stream of the year today. Media Molecule opened up early access for its creation suite in April of this year, and only stopped selling access on December 7.

In that short window of time, early access creators churned out everything ranging from reusable assets to wildly ambitious projects like short films and playable, stunningly accurate recreations of classic games.

For more on Dreams, check out the creation tips we received from some of the early breakout creators and our own early impressions.

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