MediaMolecule Will Hire Small Development Teams To Create Dreams Content

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MediaMolecule, creators of game creation system Dreams, will soon be hiring small indie teams to create content within the game.

According to a blog post on the studio’s official website, MediaMolecule is looking for “small professional development team[s]” to collaborate with them on creating things in Dreams. The studio says this isn’t outsourcing; rather, it’s about finding teams that want to create within Dreams and working with them. Your team will need to have experience in Dreams. Other than that, MediaMolecule says it’s light on requirements as this is an “exploratory call out”.

If you want to apply, you’ll need to have a few qualities desirable for MediaMolecule. Self-motivation, a knowledge of your craft, and willingness to push the boundaries are all important qualities. In return, your team will enjoy flexible working times, a highly collaborative approach to development, and “really quite marvelous” benefits and perks. Applicants will be chosen on their merits and abilities, so no matter who you are MediaMolecule is encouraging you to apply.

MediaMolecule says that in order to apply, you’ll need to send off a showreel or demo of what you can do within Dreams. Collaboration is important, so include some information on how you get on with others in your application. Your background doesn’t matter; the studio’s staff includes former AAA studio workers and indie devs alike. Here’s a quick primer from the dev’s official website on what it’s like to work at their Guildford and Brighton offices.

Applications aren’t yet open for the Dreams content creator position. It’s a contract position, and applications will be opening “shortly”. We don’t have an official timeframe on exactly when you’ll be able to apply yet. If this sounds like you and your dev team, start prepping your application.

Are you interested in working with MediaMolecule on Dreams content creation? Let us know in the comments below!

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