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Metablox – the Web3 Actual Property Recreation (Whitepaper 2.0 Half III)

Under is Half III from our Metablox Whitepaper 2.0, which incorporates our Recreation Mechanics and Expertise Design. Half I on the Imaginative and prescient could be discovered right here. In a while I’ll submit the ultimate Half IV (Expertise and Group) right here on your comfort too.

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Yu-kai Chou (Co-founder and Head of Expertise at Metablox) is a world-renowned Gamification pioneer finest identified for the Octalysis Framework. Yu-kai’s work has helped Google, Uber, LEGO, Tesla, BCG, IDEO, and lots of different international firms. Over 1500 Tutorial journals and Ph.D. theses have been written in regards to the Octalysis Framework and the way it applies to a wide range of industries. Yu-kai is making use of top-end Octalysis design abilities to Metablox to create a pleasant, significant person expertise and  journey whereas constructing lasting worth for the neighborhood.


The Metablox Battleplan is the entire Gamification design for Metablox. You possibly can overview the Metablox Battle Plan right here.

Recreation Loop

The Recreation Loop is a breakdown of the motivations and key drivers of motion on Metablox. The Gameloop will evolve with every iteration of the roadmap.

Metablox Gameloop 2.0 (by Yu-kai Chou) on Jan 8, 2020

✨ Mint pricing

The way it works

Blox on Metablox could be purchased as NFTs. For instance, Jun’s first condominium in San Francisco was 3632 twenty sixth Road. He should buy the block that this deal with belongs to as an NFT.

To buy the Blox, an individual will use ETH, MATIC, or USDT.

The Blox is saved as an NFT within the crypto pockets of the particular person.

What does it imply to Mint an NFT in Metablox?

“Minting” an NFT in Metablox implies that the Blox was bought for the first time — the NFT is added to the blockchain and saved within the crypto pockets of the customer.

How does Mint pricing work?

The Mint value is the bottom value of the Blox (decided by Tier).

Every metropolis in Metablox could have 10 phases. A metropolis strikes up in part at every 10% buy threshold of a metropolis. 

Instance: If a metropolis has 5,000 Blox:

  • Section 1 = the preliminary part.
  • Section 2 = triggered when 500 houses are bought in complete.
  • Section 3 = triggered when 1,000 houses are bought in complete.
  • Section 4 = triggered when 1,500 houses are bought in complete.
  • And so forth…

Upon reaching the subsequent part, the bottom value of unclaimed properties will improve by 1.5x in comparison with the earlier part. Because the founding precept of Metablox is stable progress and lasting worth – as a substitute of exuberant hypothesis and hype – the objective is to not shortly promote out all properties inside a metropolis. Somewhat, the Section of that metropolis will replicate the natural demand, which may attain full saturation over an prolonged time frame. 

We wish to make shopping for an NFT owned by another person extra interesting than a newly minted one – till the market demand is excessive sufficient to open a brand new part with a brand new set of unminted properties that’s a lot larger than the earlier part.

This ensures that Metablox house owners could have regular rising values for his or her NFTs as flooring costs improve whereas neighborhood curiosity in Metablox stays wholesome. 

Under is the present work-in-progress Property Base Value from the Metablox Battleplan. Please overview the Expertise Design part for the complete Battleplan.

All costs in USD.

Section Requirement Tier I Base Value Tier II Base Value Tier III Base Value Tier IV Base Value Tier V Base Value Unlocks
Section 1 None $100 $200 $300 $400 $500
Section 2 10% of Area Owned $150 $300 $450 $600 $750 Landmark 1 Public sale
Section 3 20 % of Area Owned $225 $450 $675 $900 $1,125 Landmark 2 Public sale
Section 4 30% of Area Owned $338 $675 $1,013 $1,350 $1,688 Landmark 3 Public sale
Section 5 40% of Area Owned $506 $1,013 $1,519 $2,025 $2,531 Landmark 4 Public sale
Section 6 50 % of Area Owned $759 $1,519 $2,278 $3,038 $3,797 Landmark 5 Public sale
Section 7 60% of Area Owned $1,139 $2,278 $3,417 $4,556 $5,695 Landmark 6 Public sale
Section 8 70 % of Area Owned $1,709 $3,417 $5,126 $6,834 $8,543 Landmark 7 Public sale
Section 9 80% of Area Owned $2,563 $5,126 $7,689 $10,252 $12,814 Landmark 8 Public sale
Section 10 90% of Area Owned $3,844 $7,689 $11,533 $15,377 $19,222 Landmark 9 Public sale

If an early Metablox proprietor buys an NFT for $100 – in addition to being a extra wanted Blox to start with – the Metablox proprietor will possible degree the Blox up with recollections, which permits the Blox to generate extra MetaRent

After a sure time if the bottom value of different unclaimed NFTs turns into $225 (Section 3), the Metablox proprietor ought to at the very least be capable of promote their NFT for $225, contemplating any random unclaimed and Stage 1 Blox is at $225. 

If the Metablox proprietor needs to promote shortly and lowers the worth to $200, not solely is the Blox larger degree than unclaimed Blox, it could even be cheaper. It could be an inexpensive assumption to consider that individuals who care in regards to the Metablox ecosystem would wish to buy it reasonably shortly.

If everybody needs to commerce at under the present part mint value, then the mint value is not going to transfer to the subsequent part. But when everyone seems to be beginning to commerce at above the present mint value, then it makes extra sense to mint new ones, which might ultimately elevate the mint value to a brand new part.

We’re very devoted to creating positive individuals not solely have rising worth of their NFT property, however they’ve liquidity that corresponds to market demand.

⭐️ Blox Tiers

Every Blox in Metablox will include two foremost attributes that have an effect on the worth and shortage of the NFT: 

  1. Blox Tier
  2. Blox Stage

Blox Tier is mirrored in a five-tier system. Tier-1 Blox are probably the most ample whereas Tier-5 Blox are probably the most scarce. 

How Blox Tiers are decided

Blox Tiers can be predetermined earlier than they’re minted, and can be based mostly on their proximity to Landmarks, that are the epicenters of recollections and which means related to a bodily location. Three elements will come into play: proximity to landmarks, the variety of landmarks that they’re close to, and the Landmark Status Rating.

Every metropolis will solely have 100 Tier-5 Blox and 300 Tier-4 Blox

Tier-1 56% of a metropolis
Tier-2 24% of a metropolis
Tier-3 12% of a metropolis
Tier-4 6% of a metropolis
Tier-5 2% of a metropolis

How Blox Tiers have an effect on MetaRent era

Excessive Tier Blox generate extra MetaRent than Low Tier Blox on the similar Stage, and value extra to mint. 

MetaRent/day Tier 1 Tier 5
Stage 1 10 MetaRent/day 30 MetaRent/day
Stage 20 62 MetaRent/day 183 MetaRent/day
Mint value Tier 1 Tier 5
Section 1(<10% of the town is owned) $100 to mint $500 to mint
Stage 5(40% of the town is owned) $506 to mint $2,531 to mint

Blox Tiers basically stay constant all through the expertise. Except later voted individually by way of the neighborhood, a Tier I Blox will stay a Tier I Blox ceaselessly. Nevertheless, it may be leveled up right into a Excellent Blox, and may ultimately change into a part of a Mechablox.

The specifics of how a lot MetaRent is generated upon completely different Tiers/Ranges, powerups unlocked, Max MetaRent Storage, Reminiscence Slots, and Reminiscences required to degree up is documented within the Metablox Battleplan Spreadsheet.

🌇 Blox Ranges

Blox Ranges replicate how a lot care and dedication the present and former house owners have dedicated to infusing it with recollections associated to that Blox that contact peoples’ hearts. 

Every Blox degree unlocks Reminiscence Slots that the proprietor can use to root recollections. Reminiscences can entice Reminiscence Marks by different customers who’ve related their wallets onto Metablox.

As soon as the proprietor roots a threshold of Reminiscence Marks into the Blox, the Blox will degree up. Every time a Blox ranges up, it’s going to mine out a specific amount of Metablox Cash.

Advantages of excessive Blox Ranges

Increased degree Blox inside the similar Tier generate extra MetaRent than decrease degree Blox inside the similar Tier. 

Increased Stage Blox may even produce other advantages, together with a better Most MetaRent Storage for a Blox earlier than it must be collected, larger most for Consideration Enhance Bonuses, in addition to quicker Rooting Instances for brand new recollections.

A newly claimed Blox will begin at Stage 1 and begin producing MetaRent every day in response to its Tier. The Blox will degree as much as Stage 2 immediately (0 Rooting Time) when the proprietor provides their first first reminiscence and it’ll begin to generate extra MetaRent. Reaching degree 3 would require three extra Reminiscences, every requiring a sequential 5 day Rooting Time.

The specifics of how a lot MetaRent is generated upon completely different Tiers/Ranges, powerups unlocked, Max MetaRent Storage, Reminiscence Slots, and Reminiscences required to degree up is documented within the Metablox Battleplan Spreadsheet.

👯‍♂️ Possession Generations and Generational Leveling

At Metablox, we consider that Blox are extra significant after they move by generations of householders, every importing and rooting their very own mix of recollections. Additionally it is wholesome for the ecosystem when NFTs have buying and selling momentum past individuals simply shopping for unclaimed properties. 

When an Unclaimed Blox is bought by an proprietor, it’s going to formally be a Gen I Blox. The proprietor can degree up the Gen I Blox to degree 5 by attracting Reminiscence Marks from different Metablox customers, till it will get capped as a Accomplished Gen I Blox. The Blox will proceed to generate MetaRent as a Gen I Stage 5 Blox however will now not degree up till it will get transferred to a different proprietor.

How one can develop to the subsequent Technology?

As soon as the proprietor sells the Accomplished Gen I Blox to a different proprietor (incurring a 2.4% fee), the Blox turns into a Gen II Stage 1 Blox (or Stage 6 Blox for ease of language). The brand new proprietor can then add and root new recollections to, improve their NFT Shelf show area, and collect extra Reminiscence Marks to degree up one other 4 instances, changing into a Gen II Stage 5 (or Stage 10) Blox. 

The cycle can then proceed. The Gen II Blox proprietor can promote it to a 3rd proprietor, changing into a Gen III Blox. 

On this means, if an individual buys a Accomplished Blox from one other proprietor, what the brand new proprietor has bought will at all times be extra invaluable than what the earlier proprietor had. 

Excellent Blox and Mechablox

When a Accomplished Gen V Blox is handed to a sixth proprietor, it turns into a Excellent Blox. Excellent Blox can now not be leveled up however will generate the max quantity of MetaRent, present probably the most quantity of Reminiscence Slots, and has probably the most quantity of NFT Shelf House a Blox may have.

When 5 Excellent Blox of the identical Tier and similar Metropolis is owned inside a pockets, they change into a Mechablox. A Mechablox behaves like a Landmark, ceasing to generate MetaRent whereas incurring MetaRent repairs prices. On the similar time, it’s going to earn Metablox Cash each week indefinitely based mostly on the Tier of the MechaBlox. Landmarks and MechaBlox are the one two entities that may indefinitely earn Metablox Cash time beyond regulation.

The tier of the Mechablox can be decided by the tiers of the 5 Excellent Blox that the MechaBlox consists of. 5 Tier I Excellent Blox in the identical metropolis will change into a Tier I Mechablox, whereas 5 Tier V Excellent Blox will change into a Tier V Mechablox.

A MechaBlox will stop to operate if one of many 5 Excellent Blox parts is now not owned inside that pockets, or if the pockets account doesn’t have ample MetaRent to pay the maintenance prices.

If one of many 5 Excellent Blox parts is now not inside the pockets, the opposite 4 merely resume again to regular Excellent Blox standing and begin producing MetaRent once more.

If a pockets is unable to pay the MetaRent repairs for the Mechablox, then Metablox Coin incomes will stop and can resume its weekly Metablox Coin accumulation as soon as the pockets has sufficient MetaRent to pay the maintenance once more.

As Excellent Blox itself can be uncommon within the first yr of a metropolis, and due to this fact a Mechablox can be exceedingly uncommon. Nevertheless, those that have Excellent Blox will possible be capable of promote it to different Excellent Blox holders who’ve the ambition of making one of many only a few MechaBlox in existence.

Incomplete Blox don’t activate the subsequent Technology

If a Gen I proprietor solely ranges up the Blox to Stage 3, this Gen I Blox is Incomplete. If the Gen I proprietor sells the Incomplete Blox to another person, the brand new proprietor will nonetheless be a Gen I proprietor and may root recollections to make it a Accomplished Gen I Blox. Then will probably be capped for the brand new proprietor till they move it off to a different proprietor (which can begin at Gen II Stage 1). 

A Blox can solely transfer ahead to the subsequent Technology if it has the required quantity of Reminiscence Marks to change into a Full Blox.

The specifics of how a lot MetaRent is generated upon completely different Tiers/Ranges, powerups unlocked, Max MetaRent Storage, Reminiscence Slots, and Reminiscences Marks required to degree up is documented within the Metablox Battleplan Spreadsheet.

💸 MetaRent

MetaRent is the core foreign money on Metablox and is used for a wide range of operations and utility. MetaRent isn’t saved on the blockchain however on the Metablox database. 

Creation of MetaRent

MetaRent is generated every day from each owned Blox, based mostly on its Stage, Tier, and a wide range of different Boosters (Neighborhood Bonus, Consideration Bonus, and so forth.). To acquire the created MetaRent from every Blox, the proprietor should return to the Metablox platform and one-click accumulate all of the newly created MetaRent. Every Blox could have a Max MetaRent Storage based mostly on the Blox degree. 

MetaRent Storage Tier 1 Tier 5
Stage 1 10 MetaRent/day300 MetaRent Max Storage 30 MetaRent/day300 MetaRent Max Storage
Stage 10 38 MetaRent/day1,139 MetaRent Max Storage 114 MetaRent/day1,139 MetaRent Max Storage
💡 Necessary: As soon as a Blox hits the Max Storage, it’s going to cease creating extra MetaRent. With a purpose to resume MetaRent creation, the proprietor should accumulate the MetaRent from the property (or degree up the Blox with larger Max Storage). 

On this means, those that maintain a considerable amount of MetaRent and the utility that comes with it are the individuals who repeatedly take part and contribute to the ecosystem. Individuals who solely return to MetaBlox as soon as per yr is not going to have a excessive quantity of voting energy.

There are numerous issues that require the spending of MetaRent, every inflicting the MetaRent to be faraway from the ecosystem and controlling the inflation of the financial system.

How MetaRent is spent

Many Metablox operations require the spending of MetaRent: 

Operations Utilities
Rooting MemoriesLeveling up a BloxHosting NFT artwork, characters, trophiesLandmark UpkeepMechaBlox Repairs Landmark auctionsEarly entry to new regionsMystery boxesAesthetic property improvementsCreations of Collectives

🧠 Reminiscences, Reminiscence Slots, and Rooting

A Reminiscence is a chunk of media with descriptive textual content that describes why that reminiscence is significant. Reminiscences could be Rooted in Reminiscence Slots inside a Blox, which in time period may entice Reminiscence Marks that may assist the property Stage up. 

There’ll solely be a restricted quantity of Reminiscence Slots for every Blox per degree. Just one Reminiscence could be rooted at a time, and with out boosters it’s going to take days for a Reminiscence to take root in a Blox. This restriction motivates house owners to not swiftly root irrelevant recollections however solely embrace recollections which are really excellent among the many relaxation. 

Within the foreseeable future Reminiscences are strictly picture recordsdata with a textual content description. Sooner or later there can be extra exploration on feasibility for video/audio recollections.

🧘 Reminiscence Marks 

Reminiscence Marks are emotion tags customers with a related Pockets (doesn’t have to personal Blox) can use to label recollections. At present, there are 4 potential Reminiscence Marks: Inspiring, Heartwarming, Hilarious, Solemn.

A person with a pockets related may label one Reminiscence Mark per day, plus another per day for every Blox they personal. Which means any pockets with no Blox can tag one Reminiscence with a Reminiscence Mark every day. A pockets with 10 Blox owned may tag eleven Reminiscences with Reminiscence Marks every day. Every pockets can solely tag one Reminiscence one time.

Accumulating Reminiscence Marks permit a Blox to degree up. Reminiscence Marks required to degree up could be discovered right here within the Battleplan Spreadsheet.

Reminiscence Mark Rewards

Reminiscence Marks can generate MetaRent rewards for the Pockets account. Every Reminiscence Mark that has the SAME Mark tagged after it on the identical Reminiscence inside 30 days will generate one MetaRent. This will occur as much as ten instances for every Reminiscence Mark.

As an example, if Pockets 1 tags a reminiscence as Inspiring, and nobody tags the identical reminiscence as Inspiring inside 30 days, no MetaRent is gained.

If inside 30 days 5 different wallets tag the identical reminiscence as Inspiring, then Pockets 1 will acquire 5 MetaRent, whereas Pockets 2 that tagged the second Inspiring mark will acquire 4 MetaRent. 

If inside 30 days eleven different wallets tag the identical reminiscence as Inspiring, then Pockets 1 positive factors 10 MetaRent, Pockets 2 positive factors 10 MetaRent, Pockets 3 positive factors 9 MetaRent.

That is an utility of Octalysis Recreation Design Approach #95: The Bandwagon Streak.

Reminiscence Mark Sorting

Customers are capable of browse completely different Blox and Reminiscences by sorting with Reminiscence Marks. A person can kind and choose probably the most Inspiring Reminiscences of a Neighborhood (Zip Code), or the Funniest Reminiscences of a Metropolis. This manner the properties which have probably the most Reminiscence Marks

Consideration Bonuses

Blox generates extra MetaRent when extra individuals take note of them and the Reminiscences Rooted inside. The Consideration Bonus is calculated based mostly on views of a Blox within the trailing seven days vs the views of the town throughout these seven days. 

As an example, if there are 1,000,000 views in San Francisco up to now seven days, and a Blox has 10,000 views, it’s going to obtain an Consideration Bonus of 20% (10,000/1,000,000*20). If the Blox has 10% of the town’s consideration, the Consideration Bonus is 200%, or tripling the MetaRent era.

🌉 Landmarks and Auctions

After sure durations and milestones, well-known Landmarks of a metropolis (such because the Golden Gate Bridge) can be up for auctions. Folks can solely bid for Landmarks with MetaRent (however the proprietor of this Landmark NFT can later promote it for ETH, MATIC, or USDT). 

There can be a Landmark auctioned each month, with the foremost Landmarks being auctioned as soon as a sure % of a area is owned. A Neighbor or Collective should personal a Blox within the metropolis to qualify to bid for a Landmark.

Landmarks don’t generate MetaRent and in reality price MetaRent to repairs on a weekly foundation. Nevertheless, a Landmark will earn Metablox Cash for the proprietor each week indefinitely based mostly on the Landmark Class. There are three Landmark Lessons – B Class, A Class, and S Class. 

The Class of a Landmark is predicated on its Status Rating, which elements in reputation on overview websites and total recognizability internationally. Landmark Lessons are decided originally of every metropolis’s launch, and customarily is not going to change.

Landmarks and MechaBlox are the one two entities that may indefinitely earn Metablox Cash time beyond regulation.

If a pockets is unable to pay the MetaRent repairs for the Landmark, then Metablox Coin accumulation will stop. The Landmark will resume its weekly Metablox Coin accumulation as soon as the pockets has sufficient MetaRent to pay the maintenance once more.

🪙 Metablox Coin

Metablox Coin is generated by way of two strategies: Leveling Up a Blox, or passively generated by way of Landmarks (or in a while Mechablox which is a Landmark-equivalent).

The primary technique to earn Metablox Coin is to degree up your Blox. Each time a Blox is leveled up, it generates a specific amount of Metablox Cash. What number of Metablox Cash are generated is set by the Tier of the Blox in addition to the Generational Possession of it. 

Referencing the Metabox Battleplan Spreadsheet, a Tier 1 Technology I (Ranges 1-5) Blox will generate 1 Metablox Coin when it ranges up. A Tier 5 Technology V (Ranges 21-25) will generate 25 Metablox Cash when it ranges up. 

Since there are solely a specific amount of ranges potential for a Blox, the Metablox Cash that may be earned from a Blox is capped. 

Landmarks don’t generate MetaRent however even have an repairs price every day that drains MetaRent. Nevertheless, a Landmark can earn a small quantity of Metablox Cash each week perpetually. This implies the quantity of Metablox Cash a Landmark can earn isn’t capped and may go on ceaselessly. 


MechaBlox are the finished assortment of 5 Excellent Blox of the identical tier in the identical metropolis and act as Landmark equivalents. This implies a MechaBlox may even slowly earn Metablox Cash indefinitely so long as the proprietor nonetheless holds all 5 Excellent Blox.

Metablox Cash can be tradeable on the open cryptocurrency markets so Metablox Coin house owners can liquidate their property for different Cryptocurrencies, rising their liquidity with out essentially promoting their NFTs.

💝 Bounties

tl;dr: A Blox proprietor can provide a MetaRent bounty to those that submit Reminiscences associated to that location that’s authorised and Rooted.

🏘 Neighborhood Bonus

Communities with extra memory-infused Blox inside will obtain a Neighborhood Bonus, rising the quantity of MetaRent collected. If 5% of a neighborhood is owned by individuals who root at the very least one reminiscence in every Blox, then the entire neighborhood Blox will generate 5% extra MetaRent every day.

If 95% of a neighborhood is owned by individuals who root at the very least one reminiscence in every Blox, then the entire neighborhood Blox will generate 95% extra MetaRent every day.

Upon reaching 100%, the Neighborhood Bonus will bounce to 150%, rewarding communities which are totally owned with house owners contributing their share of recollections to it. 

It will incentivize Blox house owners to ask their pals to buy Blox in the identical neighborhood, or maybe focus on proudly owning properties in the identical neighborhood. It additionally rewards the Museum Curator participant kind in Metablox.

🚀 Boosters & Thriller Packing containers

Boosters assist momentary positive factors inside the expertise. This contains decreased Rooting Time, Reductions on NFTs, additional MetaRent manufacturing and extra. Boosters could be obtained from Thriller Packing containers that may be purchasable by MetaRent. 

The contents of Boosters and specifics of Thriller Packing containers can be revealed in future updates.

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