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Mini Motorways Launches September 19th For Apple Arcade, PC To Follow

Mini Metro developer Dinosaur Polo Club has announced a new project. The game is called Mini Motorways and it’ll launch alongside Apple Arcade on September 19th.

On the game’s official Steam page (it’s also launching on Steam, but not until 2020), Dinosaur Polo Club describes Mini Motorways as “a strategy simulation game about designing the road map for a growing city”. Aesthetically, it looks pretty similar to Mini Metro, although with a bit more stuff going on. You’ll design roads, change your city in accordance with your citizens’ needs, and help everyone get where they need to go. Check out the trailer for Mini Motorways below:

Dinosaur Polo Club promises a number of features for the game. Key features include dynamic cities that grow uniquely in each game, individual maps inspired by cities around the world, and a variety of upgrades to help you expand your road network. The game will come with colorblind and night color modes for accessibility. Mini Metro composer Disasterpeace will return to create the soundtrack for Mini Motorways.

If you want to play Mini Motorways when it launches, you’ll need to have an Apple Arcade subscription. Apple’s gaming service launches on September 19th and will have over 100 games available at launch. It’ll set you back $4.99 a month, but that gets you a whole family subscription to the service. If you’re not sure, you’ll be able to grab a free trial for a month. Apple says you won’t see Arcade games on other mobile platforms or other subscription services. Naturally, you also won’t be able to access Apple Arcade from non-Apple devices. If you are an Apple ecosystem user, though, you’ll be able to access Arcade on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Mini Motorways launches for Apple Arcade on September 19th. It’ll launch for PC via Steam sometime next year. We don’t have a concrete release date for that yet, so stay tuned.

Will you be checking out Mini Motorways and Apple Arcade? Let us know in the comments below!

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