Misplaced in Carrion? This map may assist

Alien fleshbeasts are actually good at flinging, creeping, bashing, and gnawing on the bones of hapless scientists. However because the formless organic horror in Carrion, it’s straightforward to understand that The Factor doesn’t have an ideal sense of route – or an in-game map. It’s straightforward to get misplaced in Carrion’s caverns. What’s a tentacled meat monster to do?

One possibility is to make use of this helpful map created by two Carrion followers working in collaboration. Step one was to map out the sport, and that was completed by YouTuber Demajen. Demajen specialises in videogame map making, and whereas he loved discovering his manner round in Carrion, he observed that loads of gamers posting on the Steam boards didn’t. Setting Carrion to run at 720p, Demajen used console instructions to view Carrion in its “pristine” state. He then took screenshots of every room within the sport, after which rigorously pieced them collectively in Photoshop.

That generated a large, 462 megabyte file, which Redditor MrDrWho used to create an Adobe Acrobat file. This let MrDrWho hyperlink up the passageways that enable the Carrion monster to journey between areas within the indie game rapidly, and the PDF file will zip you from one finish of a tunnel to the opposite on the click on of a mouse.

Right here’s Demajen’s video on constructing the unique map:

You’ll find hyperlinks to 2 variations of MrDrWho’s enhanced Carrion map in this Reddit post.

There are a pair issues to pay attention to: first, to benefit from the hyperlinks MrDrWho has added to the map, you’ll wish to use a standalone reader like Adobe Acrobat to open the information. Second, whereas the PDF variations of the map are a lot smaller than Demajen’s uncooked output file, the top quality model continues to be massive sufficient to deliver my desktop to its knees. For fast navigation, you could wish to use the low high quality file (or probably, shut the a number of dozen browser tabs you consistently have open when you work).

Both manner, the map is cleanly labeled and will certainly level you in the proper route for those who’re hazy on the place you’re making an attempt to get to in Carrion.

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