Modders Are Already Importing Classic Skateboarding Levels Into Session

Now in Early Access on Steam, creā-ture Studios’ Session is a skateboarding sim that aims for a level of mechanical realism that neither the Tony Hawk games or EA’s Skate series dared approach. Whether or not its mechanics fit what you want from a skateboarding game, having more places to skate in than Session’s mini-Manhattan would be a welcome addition—and modders are making it happen.

At PC Gamer, James Davenport spotlights Session’s growing mod community, which has already built a tool for importing and switching custom maps. In addition to a handful of entirely custom skate spots, modders have already remade the “School II” level from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 and Skate 3’s indoor Black Box park for Session.

Davenport helpfully walks readers through the steps required to get a new map up-and-running in Session. It’s not an overly cumbersome process and it seems like it’d be hard to mess up your install of Session too badly, as the author of the Session Map Switcher has combined that tool with Reddit user dga711’s “EzPzMod Patcher,” which eliminates the need to unpack Session’s assets before importing custom elements.

It’s unclear when or if Session will receive official mod support at this time. On the Kickstarter, Steam Workshop support for creating “brands, skaters, levels, and more” is listed as an unfulfilled stretch goal. In the meantime, modders congregating on the Illusory Modding Discord are plugging away at their maps and tools.

USgamer’s Caty McCarthy gave the Early Access version of Session a try last month. Before you make the $19.99 leap, you should read up on Session’s unique, tricky controls and promising features like the included skate video creator. “It’s been too long since we had a good skateboarding game,” writes Caty, “and Session is the closest thing we have to one right now, even if it hasn’t landed that 900 quite yet.”

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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