Modern Warfare to Have “1v1 Me Bro!!!” Game Mode

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The upcoming Call of Duty promises to be yet another soft reboot of the franchise. This time, there’s going to be a more mature story, mildly more realistic gameplay, and slightly less obnoxious Gamer ads in an attempt to appeal to more modern and mature audiences. Also, it’s called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It literally says that it’s a modern game for modern gamers in the title. Just look at the two other Modern Warfares and the remastered version to see how modern they are. In any case, the maturation of the franchise doesn’t necessarily mean that all tradition is going out of the window.

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You may remember the days when COD 4: MW and COD: MW2 multiplayer lobbies were filled with kids. Since it’s natural for kids to do strange and embarrassing things, they would challenge random people to 1v1 them. Of course, having to set up these 1v1 matches were a pain, doubly so if you intended to make a gameplay montage for YouTube, so Infinity Ward is making things simpler in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In contrast with the 100-person playlist, there will be a “1v1 Me Bro!!1!!” mode. As the name suggests, it will be a mode that forces two players to fight to the death. Simply yell “1v1 me bro, you won’t bro” at the top of your lungs at some random guy in a lobby and the two of you will be placed in a 1v1 Me Bro!!1!! match.

It wouldn’t be a real throwback to the “good old days” without arbitrary rules though. Fear not, because the 1v1 Me Bro!!1!! mode will have plenty of those. You can choose between various preset loadouts and modifiers for both players, or make your own custom rules. Popular loadout limitations like snipers only and knives only will be among the list of available rules. You can also set it so that no-scopes and quick-scopes are the only kills that count. In fact, the rules are so comprehensive that you can set it so that 360 no-scope headshots are the sole win condition with no drop shotting or dolphin diving. Really don’t want to lose? Give your opponent lag and laugh as they complain about it.

If that doesn’t excite the 12 year old in you, then don’t worry because Infinity Ward will have more features designed to appeal to their target audience from a decade ago. This includes an in-game Twitch streaming and YouTube recording system with a full suite of MLG-approved editing tools. This includes airhorn sound effects, tons of color saturation sliders, a custom thumbnail and video title generator, a handpicked selection of meme overlays, and an endless amount of bots to boost your views. That’s not all if you really want to stand out.

Everyone knows of the Call of Duty series’ customization system, but Modern Warfare will revamp the whole feature. For those who want a more grounded experience, you’ll have a typical set of realistic camouflage patterns and uniforms. To maintain aesthetic consistency, this will be the only customization that will be available for the core modes. The crazier, more colorful customization options that have popped up in the later games of the series will be exclusive to 1v1 Me Bro!!1!! so that you can, as Infinity Ward’s community manager so eloquently put it, “dab on them haters yo.”

Splatoon 2 Amiibo

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare skins circa 2020.

Naturally, the ever popular solid gold and diamond weapon skins will be available. The animated, brightly colored skins that look like a tie-dye shirt had a baby with an Oompa Loompa will be in the game as well. In addition, to keep up with modern trends, the name plates and titles that reference marijuanas will be retired. The decision behind this was based on the fact that marijuanas is no longer as controversial and “hip” as it once was, and thus not as relevant to impressionable teenagers. To replace them, Infinity Ward teamed up with the trendiest vape companies, streamers, and Instagram influencers to create exclusive customization content. Unlock enough of these things, and your virtual doll can look like a walking billboard, blinding enemies with product placement and Mountain Dewrito Gamer Fuel ads.

Naturally, Modern Warfare wouldn’t be a true Call of Duty game without some kind of pointless drama. While Infinity Ward has been tight lipped about the issue, they insist that people will “love” the post-launch content. What this means is up to conjecture, but it surely wouldn’t mean that there’s going to be microtransactions. Or for that matter battle passes, loot boxes, map packs, and paid gameplay boosts.

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