Mojang Holding Vote on Which Minecraft Biome to Update Next

Do you want to see a specific biome in Minecraft updated? Well good news. Mojang has announced that they’ll be holding a live vote to decide which one they’ll focus on next.

Taking place at Minecon Live, which is on September 28th at 12pm EST, Mojang will let you vote on one of three biomes. Which biomes can you pick from? Well the first choice is the swamp biome, which is where you can currently find slimes, fossils, and weird yellow water. Don’t drink the yellow water. The second choice is the mountains. Probably one of the most expansive biomes in the game, they’re, well… mountains. They do what they need to do, and sometimes they spawn floating islands which is cool. The final choice is the badlands, which is a rather rare flat biome. Here you can get large amounts of terracotta, along with red sand and sometimes even gold. Now that’d be quite the find.

For those out of the loop, biomes are a feature of Minecraft where the world will generate specific general regions that are then populated with unique fauna and creatures. This prevents the game from just randomly generating whatever wherever it feels like it, and gives Minecraft more of a world-like quality. Originally Minecraft had 13 biomes, but now the game is up to 75. Of course, keeping all of that working and updated is quite the task, and the team likely needs to focus on specific ones to make sure it all works.

Minecraft is currently available on (almost) literally everything that plays modernish video games. The vote will happen on September 28th.

Are you still playing Minecraft all the time? Which biome would you vote to update? Are you as surprised as I am that the Badland isn’t just my house? Let us know in the comments below!

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