Monster 1.5 Waves 3 & 4 Delayed Via Kickstarter Announcement

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Today, the team behind Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 has announced that Waves 3 & 4 will be delayed by a year in order for the Gambler’s Chest and the Campaigns of Death to receive further polishing.

Originally, the Gambler’s Chest was a “bonus bonanza box” that has since grown into a new expansion. It will also add a new 30-year campaign where players will be able to experience the story of survivors living in the shadow of the Gambler, who is known to them as the Dream Keeper. There is also a monster called Crimson Crocodile, which is a node 1 quarry monster that replaces the White Lion. It will be the first monster that players encounter. It will also include a settlement location and an armor set. It’s noted that the monster will be much more difficult then the White Lion.

Attnas the Child Eater was also shown off. As an “uncrowned king of a forgotten age”, the monster is described as old beyond belief and deranged, eternally searching for anything that can spark joy within it. The creator notes that creating an evil version of Santa was a lot tougher then it looks.

The Philosophy System and Scout System was also discussed, with each Philosophy system now taking up their own booklet and the Scout System leading to the scavenging of new knowledge and pattern cards for the player. Pattern cards are earned through gameplay and are given out based upon the “personal inspirations” that each survivor has. Through the pattern cards, a specialist, a disorder, or another item may be needed in order for the cards to be used.

An Encounter System was also teased, but there will be an update in September that goes into more detail about it. A God Hand miniature was announced, and will be included with the Gambler’s Chest Expansion. Nightmare Adam was also shown, with the creator noting that working on a mini of himself was pretty “embarrassing”.

Overall, what players will receive in the Gambler’s Chest will amount to this:

  • + 30 Year Campaign.
  • + Godhand – Final Encounter
  • + Philosophy System evolving from cards to books.
  • + Pattern Cards.
  • + Crimson Crocodile – Node 1 Quarry (This was added last Black Friday).
  • Gambler – Core Monster (like the Watcher).
  • Atnas – Node 2 Nemesis.

The Campaigns of Death will include 5 campaigns, the People of the Blighted Valley, People of the Mirrorstone, Ballad of the Green Knight, Grindhouse, and People of the Gloom. The first three campaigns are 30-year campaigns, with the latter two five-year campaigns.

For more information and lots of pretty pictures, be sure to check out Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5’s Kickstarter page.

What do you think of this news? Are you a current backer of Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5? Let us know in the comments!

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