Monster Hunter: World Iceborn Hits PCs Jan 9, Autumn Fest Begins

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The Autumn Harvest Fest for Monster Hunter: World is in full swing in Astera with a plethora of new themed items to collect. Capcom has also announced when Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be finally coming to PC via Steam. 

With the return of the Autumn Harvest Fest comes the return of almost all of the previous Event Quests for hunters to complete to earn Autumn Harvest Tickets that will allow you to crave the Harvest armor set, the Harvest Layered Armor upon completing a delivery quest for the Smithy, the Felyne Ghost set for your Palico, the Pumpkin’s Revenge costume for your Poogie, and new backgrounds, titles, and poses for the Guild Card. The Handler’s Mischievous Dress is going to be available for a limited time and the Gathering Hub will feature a special seasonal platter during the Autumn Harvest Fest as well. 

Capcom had a few other exciting announcements that it revealed recently, the largest of which is the release date for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on PC: January 9, 2020. Pre-purchasing was just opened up for the Iceborne expansion on October 25 which comes along with the Yukumo layered armor set as a pre-purchase bonus. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne originally launched on consoles back on September 6 of this year, so PC players should be happy to finally know when they’ll be able to play through the new story missions and hunt the newly added monsters in the Iceborne expansion.

The Steam version will come with some new features and updates for PC players like a high-resolution texture, new graphical optimization options, improved controls, and ultra-wide display support.  As a possible side effect of Iceborne finally coming to PC the Monster Hunter: World Deluxe Edition will be discontinued on November 1, but a new edition, the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition, will be added for purchase. The Master Edition will include the base Monster Hunter: World game, as well as the Iceborne expansion altogether and, will also get the Yukumo layered armor set as a bonus.

As far as the major updates that are included in the content plans for the life of the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion the first major title update will be coming to the PC version sometime in early February where PC players will be able to take on the infamous Rajang. The next slated major title update is planned for sometime in 2020 for consoles, but we will have to wait and see if Capcom plans to release that update on consoles and PC at the same time (probably unlikely). 

If you play Monster Hunter: World on PC how excited are you to finally know when you’ll be able to dive into Iceborne? What monsters from previous games do you want to see added (Valstrax for me) to Monster Hunter: World in the upcoming title updates? 

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