Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Gets a New Region and Layered Armor Tomorrow

Ahead of tomorrow’s first free title update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Capcom shared a brand new developer diary today. Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, art director Kaname Fujioka, and Iceborne director Daisuke Ichihara gave a 15-minute long presentation for the new content arriving on October 10.

The main addition through the free title update is the Rajang. This ferocious ape returns from Monster Hunter 2, and arrives in Iceborne for all players tomorrow. It certainly looks like it’ll be one of the more aggressive monsters to appear in the Guiding Lands.

Speaking of the Guiding Lands, there’s a brand new volcanic region arriving in Iceborne’s Guiding Lands tomorrow in the free update. This new area acts as a brand new biome in the endgame region, and it’s where you’ll first encounter Rajang.

Additionally, there’ll be the option to invite other players into your own room in Seliana or Astera. We can see six players all grouped up together in a single customizable room in the dev diary above, and Tsujimoto also noted there’ll be the option to purchase additional cosmetics for your room once the title update launches.

Capcom is also adding in a ton of new Layered Armor options for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne with the new update. In the dev diary we can see Layered Armor sets for the Jagras, Barroth, Anjanath, Tobi-Kadachi, and many other beasts.

There’ll also be new Tempered monsters in the Guiding Lands through the title update. Tempered monsters are basically elite versions of creatures already in Monster Hunter World, for example the Tempered Silver Rathalos will appear in the Guiding Lands after you’ve investigated the Coral region.

Finally, the Monster Hunter World x Resident Evil collaboration event has been scheduled for November. The trailer for the update, which includes a Mr. X outfit for the Handler, Leon and Claire skins for the player, and zombie-themed emotes, is just above.

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