Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has a new beast called Safi’jiiva that can’t be killed yet

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Capcom has been providing steady updates for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including a recent patch that added the Stygian Zinogre. Since this update, players are now discovering a new creature called Safi’jiiva. You can check out a video below from Weiss Gaming, who encounters this ferocious, powerful creature in the wild.

Unfortunately, even if you manage to stay alive, that’ll all you’ll be able to do against it. Right now, it isn’t possible to kill the Safi’jiiva, as it simply flies away after taking a certain amount of damage. Last month, the Monster Hunter Twitter account released a cryptic image hinting at the inclusion of this new monster.

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The name implies a connection to the Xeno’jiiva, the final boss of the base game in Monster Hunter: World. An Elder Dragon found in the Confluence of Fates, Xeno’jiiva is alien in appearance and absorbed energy in order to become extremely powerful. It’s possible that this Safi’jiiva is related, or is another part of the life cycle of the Xeno’jiiva. We’ll be sure to provide updates as we learn more, or if Capcom releases a developer diary addressing this new beast at any point.

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