Morrowind Rebirth just got a massive update


Earlier this year, Morrowind Rebirth version 5.0 launched, bringing the biggest update to the massive mod yet. Now, part two is here, with location overhauls, bug fixes, quality-of-life changes, and new items, armour, weapons, and features aplenty to enjoy.

Uploaded to ModDB by user Trancemaster_1988, Morrowind Rebirth 5.0 Part Two reworks three of the Elder Scrolls III’s locations: Balmora’s Labour Town District,  Molag Mar, and Ald Velothi. Molag Mar gets a new tavern, plus new houses, a trader, “more clutter” and people to pester (NPCs), while  the little harbour of Ald Velothi gets some more detailing and a “semi-destroyed” wall surrounding it.

New armour includes an Imperial Roundshield, a Golden Saint Shield, and Silver Bracers, with enchanted armour including a Glimmering Helm, Vigorous Boots, Prismatic Greaves, Crimson Shield, and a Fortuitous Hand. Weapons new to the update are a Chitin throwing knife, and a Daedric field arrow.


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