Most Popular YouTube Games

Fortnite 👀Here are the most popular YouTube games in the past 4 years!

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13 Thoughts to “Most Popular YouTube Games”

  1. League and CS:GO are the most consistent games.

  2. Fortnite took down LOL. Nuff said. (Idk if anyone actually calls it LOL I don’t play itđŸ€·đŸœâ€â™‚ïž)

  3. takes way too long to get within the past couple of years

  4. 😆 Minecraft with the hibernation though

  5. I feel bad for black ops 4 because that game is barely standing now ever since modern warfare came out

  6. I dont think whoever posted this knows how a graph works, it just has numbers no explanation of what, videos, views, likes???

  7. The best game đŸ’„đŸ˜˜ ❀

  8. Man the jump with apex was crazy. Went from being the most popular to right at the bottom in a matter of months

  9. This just shows how great of a game LoL is. It’s such a difficult game and so rewarding if you’re good (which I’m not lol) but still amazing to see it

  10. League has to be the most consistent game of all time

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