New Apex Legends’ Duos update lets you down enemies before a match starts


Apex Legends has a new patch out, introducing the new Duos mode among other tweaks. However, the update also causes an unintended bug that allows players to hurt others during the pre-match dropship sequence.

The bug, which you can see in the clip below, involves hitting other players while still in the dropship. You are, of course, unable to see your character at that moment, so whether you manage to hit another player is pure luck. However, If you do manage to hit someone – friend or foe – you can hurt them so much that they actually start the match in a downed-but-not-out state.

Obviously, this is all very funny, but it does cause serious problems for those who want to play competitively. Just the simple act of needing a teammate to revive you right at the start of a match can slow your team down significantly.


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