New Dangen CEO Says All Developers Are “Free to Reconsider Contracts” In Wake of Publisher Controversy

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The new CEO of Japanese indie publisher Dangen Entertainment is offering its current developers to reconsider their contracts with the company, following a series of reports about Dangen’s business practices and the behavior of its former CEO, Ben Judd.

Dan Stern, current CEO of Dangen Entertainment, posted a statement today answering some questions about Dangen’s future and its current stance with developers, including those working on Fight Knight and Devil Engine.

Stern states that he has reached out to the developers of those two games, offering a “clear path toward mutually agreed separation.” He also says that final payments to the Devil Engine team will be resolved as soon as invoices are submitted. USgamer has reached out to the respective developers to confirm as much.

Additionally, Stern is offering all the developers currently signed with Dangen Entertainment an opportunity to reconsider their contracts with Dangen, and “decide whether or not they would like to continue forward with Dangen under its new management.” He makes assurances that if they part ways, Dangen Entertainment will relinquish control of their respective store pages and remove any branding from its own site.

USgamer first reported on the situation at Dangen earlier this month, after an anonymous Medium post highlighted ongoing tensions between indie developers and Dangen Entertainment. Additional allegations were brought against Ben Judd, then-CEO of Dangen, including accusations of predatory behavior and public indecency.

Following reports from both USG and other sites, Judd has since left the company and several other organizations he was involved with in the overseas industry. Dan Stern, as the new CEO, has been taking steps to clear the air. In his statement, he also says that Dangen has improved its withholding tax relief submissions process, a point of conflict with past developers, and he reaffirms Dangen’s commitment to its developers.

“I believe that actions speak louder than words, so I am making this statement now that I am settled in and taking my first steps as CEO,” Stern says. “I aim to take these steps quickly and decisively so that Dangen can return with redoubled conviction to fulfilling the commitments it has made to its developer partners.”

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