New Overwatch 2 Art Leaks on Blizzard’s Website

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If the leaks ahead of BlizzCon continue at this rate, Blizzard may not be able to keep any surprises in store ahead of this weekend’s convention. Images of new Overwatch and World of Warcraft art prints were discovered on Blizzard’s online store and quickly taken down, suggesting that they give away details concerning upcoming BlizzCon announcements.

Discovered on Blizzard’s Blink Shopping site and posted to MMO-Champion, the images line up with past leaks and speculation concerning a “sequel” of sorts for Overwatch and the storyline of World of Warcraft’s next expansion.

The piece of Overwatch art had “ow2” in the file name, which suggests it’s tied to the new Overwatch 2 reveal reportedly scheduled for BlizzCon. According ESPN Esports’ report on what’s coming for Overwatch, Blizzard is adding a story-driven PvE mode—this artwork, which depicts a number of heroes fighting an unseen enemy, could be related to it. Also, the art features the robot character Echo, who was previously mentioned as a potential future addition to Overwatch’s roster at last year’s BlizzCon.

The other leaked print of Bolvar Fordragon suggests that a suspected journey to the Shadowlands is indeed what’s next for World of Warcraft. The same artwork appeared in a previous supposed leak that listed “Shadowlands” as the next expansion’s subtitle. Since Battle for Azeroth’s story campaign ended, rumors have had many players speculating that Azeroth’s inhabitants are heading for an extended sojourn through the spirit realm.

Looking very Lich-y, Bolvar | Blizzard’s Gear Store via MMO-Champion

With the rough patch Blizzard has been through in 2019, a good slate of BlizzCon announcements won’t be enough to entirely lift up the company’s image post-Blitzchung ban. Having all its big announcements leak ahead of BlizzCon’s November 1 start date would be yet another setback for Blizzard. At any rate, Blizzard only needs to shore up the leaks for a few more days.

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