New World release date set for May 2020 – here’s what’s changed for Amazon’s MMO

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New World – the MMO from Amazon games – has been in various stages of the public eye for ages now, and it’s finally time for the magical 17th century adventure to come to market. Among the Game Awards announcements, Amazon has confirmed that the MMO will launch on Steam in May 2020.

Steam pre-orders went live earlier today, but the new cinematic trailer was the first reveal of the release month. A $39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99 pre-order will get you access to the game, a number of unique cosmetics and bonus items, as well as access to a closed beta that’s scheduled to begin a month ahead of the game’s release, in April 2020.

Ahead of tonight’s announcement, I got to ask game director Scott Lane a bit about what’s changed with New World since the last time players got to see it. Notably, the game has shifted away from pure sandbox play to get more directed quests. “There’s a lot more guidance in the game,” Lane tells me. “We’ve added quests, we’ve added quest givers.”

Player-owned territories are now part of the game, as well as siege battles over forts. Your settlements can now also be invaded by NPC enemies, which will need to be fought off by teams of allied players. You can now also opt in to factional, open-world PvP, regardless of what sort of server you’re on.

“We feel good about where we’re at,” Lane says of the current state of New World. “We went through several iterations with customers. We’ve had people play the game for a long time. And we’re at the point where we’re super excited and we’re ready to share this with a broader audience.”

We’ll see how New World turns out in May 2020.

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