Niche Spotlight – Mars Power Industries Deluxe

This is Niche Spotlight. In this column, we regularly introduce new games to our fans, so please leave feedback and let us know if there’s a game you want us to cover!

Today’s Spotlight is Mars Power Industries Deluxe, an expanded Steam port of a mobile game from last year by 7A Games.

Mars Power Industries Deluxe is a relaxing puzzle game focused on order of operations and resource management. Each of the game’s 97 puzzles task players with powering Martian colonies in the most efficient way possible, and every puzzle can be solved in under five moves.

The Steam version features new content and various PC-specific enhancements over the original release. You can check out a trailer above, and there’s also a free demo on the Steam page.

Mars Power Industries Deluxe is available on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam for $2.99, with a Switch version releasing on November 15th. You can find the original game on iOS and Android.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Mars Power Industries is an MYSTERY PUZZLE GAME about order of operations and humanity’s limits. Power up the colony, uncover the Martian mystery and figure out what happened to the first colony! Take part in an epic space dance accompanied by an incredible soundtrack.

Contains all updates with new levels along with more music.


  • 97 handcrafted puzzles, that’s 4~5 hours of various difficulty levels. If you’re really good it’s 3 hours and if you manage that you MUST contact us!
  • No engineering knowledge needed! Puzzles are only about proper placement and order of operations!
  • Chill out and enjoy our relaxing space zen mood filled with sweet synth riffs.
  • Strange science fiction story told without words! What’s the big Mars Mystery?
  • No high-scores, no pressure. Nothing. It’s only space.
  • Achievements for the curious Mars explorers !

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