Nintendo Knows What You Played the Most in 2019, and Now You Can Find Out Too

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It’s the time of year for looking back on games, hopefully fondly, and remembering your favorite moments of the last 12 months. Today, Nintendo launched a Year in Review site that lets you see exactly how much time you spent playing the Nintendo Switch, as well as a bunch of other neat tidbits about your playtime.

It’s a pretty popular thing to do, as shown by Spotify’s fairly popular Wrapped tool. The Nintendo site, located here, simply requires a Nintendo account login and it handles the rest, tallying up total hours played, which months were the busiest, which games you played the most, and more.

I, for example, easily put the most hours into Fire Emblem: Three Houses. No real surprise there, because it rules, and fittingly my days with the most playtime were July 26 and 27, or launch day and launch day plus-one. But rounding out my top games were some surprises: alongside my go-to party games, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and The Jackbox Party Pack 5, Tales of Vesperia’s excellent definitive edition and time-warping mystery AI: The Somnium Files rounded out my list.

Maybe my favorite part of this site, besides seeing all the hours played and when, is that it uses the calculations to recommend a handful of Nintendo Switch games to you. While I’ve already played a few of the games on other systems, Nintendo did rightly recognize that I should get around to playing Ikaruga at some point. Also, the recommendations are probably the excuse I’ll use for replaying the Phoenix Wright games… again.

Whatever I choose, I’ve learned something about myself today: I will gleefully play massive anime role-playing games on the Switch for hours and hours. This bodes well for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE’s encore on the Switch next month. If you’ve got any weird playtime counts or neat recommendations, feel free to share them below.

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