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Nippon Ichi Software appears to keep thinking of sillier names for their new games, as they’ve just announced void tRrLM (); //Void Terrarium.

The new roguelike RPG is coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on January 23rd, 2020 in Japan – news confirmed via Dengeki Online.

The director and character designer on the game is Masayuki Furuya, who previously worked on A Rose in the Twilight and htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary as director and designer. Music is being composed by Hajime Sugie.

The game follows the story of Toriko, the last girl in a destroyed world centuries after civilization has collapsed. She has a helper robot that awakens in a scrap factory, who discovered Toriko originally covered in toxic fungi. As the world is plagued by the toxic fungi, the robot builds an enclosed terrarium for her to live in.

Playing as the robot, you can acquire food and items for Toriko from procedurally generated dungeons, with a top-down view like the Shiren the Wanderer series. As you explore dungeons and get more food and things, you can return back to the terrarium and decorate, and tend to Toriko – as she can get sick with your negligence.

For now, you can view a countdown website for the full reveal, here.

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